Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I need a new Bathroom Vanity

Our sink broke in our downstairs bathroom. Only the hot water works, the cold knob is broken. Ever try brushing your teeth with only hot water? Not fun! On the good side though, I am conserving more water then ever when I brush my teeth downstairs, lol.

Part of why we are hesitating on fixing the faucet is because we really need to update the entire Bathroom Vanity. Our house is around 24 years old and the bathroom vanity is original (plain, boring, ugly, you get the idea).

This is our half bath, so I have to stick with a single sink vanity. I'm really thinking I want to go with one of the modern bathroom vanities . I love the look of the tempered glass sink with a chrome faucet. Of course, I'd also love to upgrade our upstairs master bathroom with a double sink vanity. We had a double sink bathroom in one of our apartments; it was such a nice feature to have. When you have a majority house of girls, you need nice bathrooms!

What about you, what kind of bathrooms do you like? Traditional or Modern? One sink or two?

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Every Gym's Nightmare said...

stinks about the sink. My toilet was broken for a long time- finally got it fixed. i hate home renovations

Kelly Turner

Becca said...

I love the one in the picture... I would just worry with kids! I do not know how yours act but I see bad things happening. Good luck with your decision!


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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I often find people in situations where budget is a restraint. No matter what, you’ll find bathroom vanities to suit your budget.

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