Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ladies this is a Must Have ~ Tassi

My mom actually alerted me to this awesome product. She said she had to have one, so I got her a Tassi for Christmas.

Luckily for Me, I was sent the gorgeous Turquoise Tassi to try out for myself. So, What is Tassi? Well it is basically a terry cloth headband to hold your hair out of your face.

However, it is not your standard cheap headband you are used to. No way, for one this is super soft and comfortable. The back of the Tassi is larger then front, so it easily holds all of your hair. Tassi is so much better then those standard headbands or using a towel to wrap your hair.

I use the Tassi for washing my face, applying make-up, etc Anything that I need my bangs and the rest of my hair off my face. Plus, no matter how long I keep it on for, my hair never gets that dreaded headband indentation!

The Tassi comes on 12 great colors including white, soft pink, hot pink, chocolate brown, lavender, powder blue, lime green, tan, tangerine, turquoise, chili pepper red and black. My tween wants the lime green one!

The Tassi retails for $14.99 and is well worth the low investment. These are great for all women and teens. If you wash your face or wear make-up this is one of those must haves!

You can purchase the Tassi online at their shop. They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also purchase it at select retail locations.

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