Friday, March 20, 2009

Preparing for summer cuts & scrapes with Neosporin

Finally in Michigan, we are starting to have nice weather. The girls are playing outside. They even got a slight sunburn already on their faces already.

With the nice weather, that means the kids are playing outside ~ running, bike riding, roller skating, etc. With that starts to come the falls, cuts, scrapes & bruises. As you start to think about running around in the backyard and riding bikes, take a minute to investigate your medicine cabinet and prepare for the inevitable scrapes and cuts that outdoor activities bring. Ensure that you are armed with plenty of bandages and antibiotic ointment, such as NEOSPORIN®. Most importantly, be sure that all medicines and products are up-to-date and have not expired.

It turns out that 40% of homes have an expired topical antibiotic in the medicine cabinet, an important issue as some products may lose their effectiveness once they reach their expiration date. The folks at NEOSPORIN® have asked us to look into our medicine cabinets to check expiration dates. When I checked mine, I had two tubes of Neosporin one with pain relief and one without. The one without did expire in 2008, the pain relief is still good through summer. Not bad considering! While checking that, I did found several expired medications, moisturizers and even some make up.

I invite you to investigate your first aid supplies! Check your cabinets, when does your topical cream expire?? Come on spill it :) Here are some special offers for you.

This post brought to you thanks to Mom Central.

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