Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review ~ Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS

I posted about Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS back in January. Since then, I have received the game and have had a ton of fun playing it on the Nintendo DS.

Use your firework arsenal to blast your way through this arcade style shooter!

This fast-paced shoot 'em up puts a new spin on classic arcade style gameplay allowing you to blast down hordes of imaginative enemies with explosive fireworks launched at the flick of your wrist. Maneuver your ship through the enemy fire and falling debris as you collect stars from vanquished foes to advance towards big boss battles. A number of special powers will be made available as you move from one exotic locale to the next where one wrong move or one missed shot could be your last.

  • Main game mode offers up 9 fantastic worlds with 9 levels each ending with intense boss battles and bonus challenges
  • Post your top scores on the worldwide leaderboard using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • 5 game modes including Arcade, Challenge, Relax, Mission and Versus play
  • Exceptional art, sound, and gameplay design keeps the game fresh as you advance
In Big Bang Mini, your main objective is to use the stylus to create fireworks and destroy the waves of enemies that loom overhead. Miss and you'll be forced to tackle another challenge, avoiding the sparks created by your falling fireworks. Celebrate the completion of a level by designing the Final Bouquet, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will proclaim your victory.

When you first start the game, you go through a tutorial. This tutorial helps explain the game. Then you get to start on the real fun. Blowing up the enemies with fireworks. This game gets pretty addictive. There are several levels and in each level, there are 10 sub levels. I found myself saying, Ok just one more level ...

Another great thing about the game is the hand eye coordination you need. You use the stylus to shoot fireworks, but you also have to avoid them falling back down on you by moving your figure. If you aren't careful, you can accidentally move your character while shooting fireworks.

I really enjoyed this game and for under 20 bucks you can't beat the price! My tween played it and she had a lot of fun. She keeps asking to borrow the game from me.

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