Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review ~ Fresh Hanger + Coupon Code!

I don't like washing my clothes after wearing them only once, especially my nicer clothes. It is better for the environment, and it is better for your clothing. With my nicer clothes, I usually only wear them a few hours anyways, not enough time to wash after each use.

Through Mom Fuse, I found a really cool product that helps eliminate odors from your clothing. It is called The FRESHhanger™. Basically it is a cover that fits virtually any hanger and eliminates odors from clothing leaving them refreshed for the next use.

What you do, just hang the fragrance-free cover on any hanger and let FRESHhanger's patent pending and laboratory tested activated carbon technology do the work!

FRESHhanger has a number of advantages:

- independent laboratory testing has proven that FRESHhanger reduces
odor causing compounds in clothing 6X more effectively than airing out!
- activated carbon - FRESHhanger's carefully selected main ingredient
- is the most absorbent material in the world

- 80% of consumers researched expressed interest in a garment care
product that would keep clothes fresher between washing/dry cleaning
- clothes represent a major household investment
- saves money and time - important in these challenging economic times

- FRESHhanger absorbs PERC used by dry cleaners
- FRESHhanger uses 100% natural activated carbon
- using FRESHhanger saves water and electricity and also extends
clothing life by reducing the need to frequently wash clothes

My take ~ I really like the Fresh Hanger. I use a few different types of hangers & the fresh hanger fits on all the ones I use. It easily slips over the hanger, then you just slip your top over it. I have had a couple meeting lately, so I used the Fresh Hanger with those tops and it works very well. It also helps me remember which tops I've worn at least once already :) These would be great for blazer jackets and work clothes. Especially if you have a high dry cleaning bill, would save you a lot of money! You can purchase the Fresh Hanger in 5pack, 10pack or 20pack at the Fresh Hanger Website.

Special just for my readers, Take 10% off your orders by using coupon code ~

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Lolli said...

Thank for stopping by today and commenting on the blog frog! :)

Susie said...

I work, so these sound great for my blazers!

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