Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review ~ Remi-D All Natural Hand Sanitizer

With my girls in school, I insist they carry a hand sanitizing item in there backpack. Normally it is a gel based hand sanitizer, that can be a bit gross. I personally can't even stand to use those. When I got the Cucumber scented Remi-D hand sanitizing MIST in the mail, I was quite happy!

Remi-D is the new, all-natural hand sanitizer that kills the germs that cause illness without the alcohol that dries skin and produces other dangers.

Product Features:

- Remi-D is *all natural*. It uses strong and effective ingredients from
nature, avoiding synthetic lab chemicals. It's free of both Triclosan and
Paraben, chemicals found in many household products which have raised
- Remi-D is *alcohol-free*. Alcohol can age, dry out and irritate hands.
The Remi-D team built in natural moisturizers to make your hands look and
feel healthier. Additionally, alcohol content can catch fire when exposed
to flame. Kids may become sick by ingesting it. Remi-D is *kid-safe*.
- Remi-D is easy to use, but tough on the stuff that makes people sick.
It *kills 99.99% of germs* and is effective against MRSA and Staph.
Experts say even a small investment in preventive health could save you --
and the country -- considerable money.
- Remi-D's *scent is subtle*. Cucumber Tea Tree gives you a boost
without giving you an overdose.
- Remi-D is a non-intrusive mist. Just spray, rub and you're done. No
goop, no mess, no stickiness.
- Remi-D's *packaging is sleek and distinctive*, recalling no less an
icon than the famed Zippo lighter.

The Cucumber tea tree scent is awesome! I love the smell, no yucky alcohol smells. The mist is easy to use, covers the hand great. Also, no drying! They also have Mountain Stream and Seaside Mineral Spa coming out. How great is that? Amazing scents, that are not common. Love it!

Remi-D is available nationwide at CVS.com and at these retail outlets throughout the northeast: A&P, Shaw's, Waldbaum's, Superfresh, Pathmark, Shop Rite, Hannaford, Market Basket, Big Y, P&C, Piggly Wiggly, Sweetbay, Donelan's, Grand Union, Thrifty White Pharmacies and Kinney Drug.

Remi-D also has a facebook page, be sure to check them out ~ become a Fan!

I was asked to review Remi-D through Mom Fuse. A big thank you to both Mom Fuse and Remi-D!

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