Monday, March 23, 2009

Review ~ Shattered Reality by Kimberly Cheryl

I have two daughters, one of my biggest fears of them being sexually abused. Statistics show that 1 in 3 girls will be. How scary is that?

Kimberly Cheryl has wrote an amazing, touching story called Shattered Reality.

This is my story, a mother’s story, about the abuse of my daughter and my struggles to overcome. I thought I could trust my family members. I thought I knew and could trust the legal system. I was wrong. As a parent, I couldn’t find help for ME…what to expect on this journey with my daughter and her recovery. I didn’t know how much pain I would suffer as well. This is my story and my struggle toward recovery. Somehow, some way, I hope it gives you hope for your journey as well.

I found this book to be a great read, as a mother of girls. Kimberly recounts her traumatic experience and emotional journey after finding out her daughter had been sexually assaulted by her uncle. This was an uncle that was like a second parent to her immediate family. Once out in the open, she was ostracized by the uncle's family, as well as other members of the family.

Kimberly was strong though, with the support of her immediate family. She is determined to out this Uncle.

Shattered Reality is a faith based book. However it is written in such a way that you can get something out of the book. This book is great for parents, teachers, social workers, etc. Anybody that deals with children or actually has experienced Sexual Abuse. I think it is amazing of Kimberly Cheryl to get this out in the open. These children should not feel ashamed of what happened to them. It is something that needs to be discussed, to help prevent it from happenening. We need to lesson those statistics!

You can find information on Kimberly Cheryl at her website. She has written many great books. Shattered Reality is on book tour this month over at Pump up your Book Promotion.

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Shelley said...

I'm not sure if I could read this one, but I'm glad the author had the strength to write it to help others. The statistics are scary.
I do worry about my daughters-I have three. I feel like I have to be on my guard all the time, even around those that I should trust.
On a lighter note, this looks like a great blog. This is my first visit, and I'm glad I found it!

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