Monday, March 9, 2009

Review ~ Wrinkle Free

Ok ladies, let's face we are aging. If you are a mom like me, then you probably don't have tons of spare cash laying around for botox or other surgical procedures. We have to find products that are affordable, quick and easy to do at home!

WrinkleFree Eyes from University Medical is just that product! WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift is a new patented eye patch system that you can apply once a week to drive Retinol 4x deep into your skin using a micro-charged current to reduce wrinkle appearance. WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift is a pain- free, fast and easy-to-use Clinical studies have proven WrinkleFree Eyes to show an 85% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 20 minutes.The WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift system from University Medical (makers of Acne Free)


Use daily am & pm,
Relaxes and fills in wrinkles. A non-surgical alternative to Botox® and Restylane® injections.

Step 1 - Facial Line Relaxer

Use morning and night on clean dry skin. Massage FACIAL LINE RELAXER onto forehead, around eye area, crow's feet, laugh lines and lip area. Let dry. Follow with WRINKLE FILLING SERUM.

Step 2 - Wrinkle Filling Serum

After using Facial Line Relaxer™ apply WRINKLE FILLING SERUM™ and allow to absorb into skin for one or two minutes.

Typical deep wrinkle with collagen breakdown and lack of elasticity.Step 1: Relax and soften appearance with injection-free GABAStep 2: Plump up wrinkles with injection-free Hyaluronic Acid

I was sent one package of WrinkleFree Eyes to try out. The patches are very easy to apply. They are comfortable to wear and the 20 minutes really flies by. I did feel a very slight tingling which is normal to experience. I noticed improvement around my eye ares. This is definitely something I will continue to use as I age.

You can purchase the product at retail locations nationwide including, Target, Ulta and CVS. They retail for approximately $29.99. You can also find at Amazon and even Ebay.

Thanks to Mom Fuse for this opportunity to make my face look even younger :)

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Anonymous said...

Yours is the second "blog" review I've read on the wrinkle free eyes product, and it's obvious that you are from that company or paid by that company for your bogus review. Do you think people are that stupid that they can't tell?

Ginny said...

I wish I was paid for it, that would make it even better for me :)

Nope, I'm a stay at home mom. The best I get is ~ companies will send me a product to test and I give my opinion. I found this product pretty cool actually and was happy to test it out. It is something I probably would have passed up at the store without reading a review first.

Actually, I stated right in my review that I was sent the system to try out. I also stated this was through the review network at Mom Fuse. The other "blog" review you read, was most likely another member of that group. Many times companies will send out huge batches of products for bloggers to try out and blog about.

Sorry for your anger, take care!

Anonymous said...

I think I just saw this on "The Doctors tv show a few days ago and they raved about it..Thinks I may go for it!!

i need a invasive tune up!

ox a odie but a goodie

adagent said...

Blogger Ginny said...
Nope, I'm a stay at home mom. The best I get is companies...
Actually, I stated right in my re
Sorry for your anger, take care!
anyone who has been online for more than a few months can tell a scammer review such as yours right of the bat. whatever you are being paid it is too much. you need to work on your communication skills before your next post attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers. you obviously have no ethics, have you ever considered working for a collection agency? we tested this product out in our labs which our supported not by the company/s in question but by contributions from non-profits. that is the only way to get truly non-biased data or results which in this case were no better than generic off the rack skin creams. another job alternative you might consider, working at AIG ethics aren't critical there either. sorry for your psuedo anger, but nonetheless have a good day;)

adagent said...

sorry folks, got a little worked up by the scammer posting as a legitimate consumer and didn't do a spell or grammar check. so bear with my original post. thanks

Lynette said...

Now that several months have gone by - are you still using the product? Do you still recommend it? What kind of results have you seen after several months use?

Anonymous said...

I am writing this on behalf of my a warning to all you ladies out there. My mom just turned 47 and is finishing her MBA and thought...why not just try to get these wrinkles under wraps. So she bought the WrinkleFree Eyes system by University Medical thinking it would be an inexpensive way to just tighten the skin around her eyes, just the typical crows feet and under the eye. Well...after careful preparation and strictly following instructions to the application she put on the eye patch and waited 20 minutes. She didn't notice a big difference right away but she put on the night cream and went to bed. And guess what happened next!! First thing in the morning we looked to see the results and saw a red flakey patch of burning residue from the patch! it looked like she still had it on!! she used the morning cream once thinking it would calm it down and work...but it only added about three more wrinkles that are parallel to her nose...not even normal wrinkle lines!... than were origionally there plus the red patch under her eyes. So warning to the careful with this one. If you feel burning or itching...STOP IMMEDIATELY!!

Ginny said...

Definitely if you feel any burning or itching stop. I luckily did not have that reaction. However my mom has had similar reactions to several different products (not this one), especially the Wei East line of products. Thanks for the heads up. I think this post for whatever reason seems to get the most traffic.

Anonymous said...

For the one who responded on behalf of her mom. I tried this product on my husband because he has more wrinkles than me. He noticed no sign of improvement on the eye patch except that it burned. Then we put on then night cream and he said that burned as well and the next morning he woke up with flakey skin. The 24 hour face lift didnt burn but we saw no visible change. A couples days into it we saw no improvement except that new wrinkles were added under his eyes that were never there before. They are deep as well. Is there anything i can do to reverse these wrinkles? Obviously I am going to stop using this product. To everyone thinking about using this...dont!

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