Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barbie Thumbelina Dolls

I ran across Barbies new line of Thumbelina dolls right before Christmas last year. I need about a $10 toy for both girls, so I picked up for each of them. We have always been fans of Barbie, Fairies & the Environment. These fit all of that perfect!

During Christmas, they only had a few of the dolls out by us. They did not have the cheaper version of the main Thumbelina, so I was excited when I found one for Cami's Easter basket. She was thrilled with her newest fairy ~ Barbie Thumbelina Doll.

Tiny people called Twitterbees live happily in their flower village until the building of a factory threatens to destroy it! Thumbelina and her friends realize it's up to them to do something to save their home. They may be small, but Thumbelina knows ...

Every little girls can make a world of difference.

I love that message coming from the packaging! Every package is 100% recyclable with limited plastic pieces, mainly being made of cardboard. There are even little fun facts about the environment on the box.

There is a brand new dvd that just came out to go with the dolls. I haven't seen it yet, and it looks like it has mixed reviews on Amazon. Since my girls are older though, I think they will enjoy it. Hoping to pick it up soon.

Barbie knows that even the smallest person can make a difference in the world, so when she leads a group of young children on a tree planting expedition in a nature preserve, she makes sure that each child knows that his or her action is important and meaningful. To illustrate her point, Barbie tells the kids the story of a young Twillerbee named Thumbelina who vowed to save her people and their world from destruction in spite of enormous odds. When humans Evan and Vanessa decide to raze an extensive flower field to build a new factory, their spoiled daughter Makena demands a patch of the flowers be brought home in hopes of impressing her equally spoiled friend Violet. Twillerbees Thumbelina, Janessa, and Chrysella, who live in the field with hundreds of other Twillerbees, are accidentally transported with the flowers. Before they can escape and return home, the three discover the plan to destroy their field. Thumbelina resolves to stop the destruction of the field by appealing to Makena and her parents while Janessa and Chrysella return home with plans to sabotage the demolition equipment and delay groundbreaking. Makena is initially uncooperative, but Thumbelina's heartfelt appeal and her genuine offer of friendship eventually persuade Makena to try to convince her parents to halt construction. Can one small girl and one tiny Twillerbee possibly save the Twillerbees and their habitat? Perhaps anything is possible if you believe. (Ages 3 and older) --Tami Horiuchi

You can read some of the reviews yourself, they also have some pretty coloring pages ~ Barbie Presents: Thumbelina

If you are looking for a new toy for the girl in your life that loves the typical Barbie type toys, then the Thumbelina line is a great line. They have several different styles of dolls + books & dvds. I like that it is a Barbie line that is teaching about the environment, etc.

It looks like the basic dolls retail for $14.99. I have seen them for $12.99 at the store & often going on sale just under $10

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