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How to build a 'Momtourage" & Giveaway

Modern moms are in over their heads. According to "The Today Show," iVillage and MSNBC, it takes more than a village to raise a family - it takes a "Momtourage." In a trend marked by multiplying play groups, Bunko groups, stitching circles and book clubs, moms are uniting through common hobbies to find companionship and emotional support.

In fact, a recent survey by the Craft & Hobby Association says scrapbooking moms have bonded to the tune of a now $2.5 billion industry. The flourishing industry has spawned scrapbook-centric clubs, conventions, retreats, TV shows, books - even themed cruises on the Queen Mary 2.

Rebeca is an avid scrapper, momtourage mobilizer and the author of the "Sisters Ink," novels. She knows first-hand how important girlfriends are to a woman's stability, but in the often isolating world of motherhood, she also knows how difficult it is to find them. Seitz discovered the power of female networks after finding out about her first husband's infidelity. Her girlfriends rallied around her and today, she is remarried and the mother of two.

Today, she relies on scrapbooking as a social outlet and the glue that keeps her momtourage together. She brings women together through scrapping, around her kitchen table and in her online community, Sisters, a digital craft circle for scrappers looking to connect regionally.

Momtourage 101
For moms looking to establish a momtourage, Rebeca offers five steps for getting started.
1. First, identify a common thread. Motherhood? Love of scrapbooking, books, sewing? Obsession with chocolate or coffee?
2. Carve out a space in your home like a spare room or game room where girlfriends can join you in your craft, or secure a space at a public facility like a library or community center.
3. Establish a schedule and take turns hosting, or determine to schedule each consecutive meeting at the current meeting.
4. Connect. Make certain your time together allows for the most important thing - conversation!
5. Stick with it. Remind each other that you are better moms, wives, daughters, women because you're connecting with other women. No need for guilt!

The newest book , "Coming Unglued" (B&H Fiction, July 2008), is the second book in the series of humorous contemporary fiction set against the backdrop of scrapbooking. It illustrates the power of friendship and speaks of infidelity from the perspective of the "other woman." The third installment, "Scrapping Plans" will release spring 2009.

In addition to her own literary work, Rebeca is founder and president of Glass Road Public Relations and Glass Slipper Productions, an event planning agency. She and her husband reside in Fulton, Ky. When she is not writing or working with clients, she can be found in her scrapbook studio or renovating their 109-year old home as they make room for their second child. For more information, please visit

About Rebeca Seitz
Author of the Coming Unglued, a "Sisters, Ink" novel

Like many women in corporate America, Rebeca Seitz faced a tough decision when she had her first child: homemaker or working mom? Today, many say she has mastered the politics of motherhood -- she chose both.

In the heated so-called "mommy wars" debate, covered by major media like The Washington Post, ABC News and CNN in which working moms and full-time homemakers are pitted against each other, Rebeca can identify with both. She offices as a literary publicist and president of a flourishing literary public relations firm at home where she also offices as mother, wife, novelist and household breadwinner.

In addition to her work-home balancing act, Rebeca is the founder of, a popular social networking site for scrapbookers looking to connect. Rebeca joins 26 million American women who scrapbook to capture fleeting family milestones, many of whom can relate to the juggling act of a career and motherhood.

Rebeca's latest book, "Coming Unglued," is the second in the only line of novels with a scrapbooking theme. The series, "Sisters, Ink," includes humorous works of contemporary fiction set against the backdrop of scrapbooking and chronicles the often-complicated lives of four multi-cultural, adopted sisters.

Following her first novel, Prints Charming (Westbow Press, 2006), Rebeca launched Sisters, Ink (B&H Publishing, 2007), the first book in the series of the same name. Coming Unglued (July 2008) follows Kendra, the African-American sister, as she struggles with the boundaries of fidelity and the sisters fight to love her through it. Although her characters are fictional, her message is deeply personal. Rebeca knows first-hand the pain of infidelity from her first marriage and draws on her own experience with betrayal to show how friendship, faith and hobby helped her heal. Her next book, "Scrapping Plans," hits shelves next February.

Off-the-clock, Rebeca serves as the women's ministry director at First Baptist Church of Fulton, Ky., and is a sought-after speaker at Kentucky Baptist Convention events. She received a bachelor's in communications and political science from the University of Tennessee at Martin and is currently pursing a master's in mass communications from Murray State University.

Before launching Glass Road Public Relations, Rebeca wore a variety of corporate hats: legal secretary, ad agency account executive, realtor, editor, financial clerk, non-profit spokesperson, weekend caretaker for an at-risk foster child and media fellow for family research council in Washington, D.C. She has also held positions as a staff-member at an Orlando mega-church, House of Representatives clerk, asset manager, and the first publicist for WestBow Press, the former fiction division of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Rebeca's public relations firm is the only one in the country dedicated solely to representing works of entertainment (books, music, movies) created from a Christian worldview. She also owns and operates Glass Slipper Productions, an event planning agency.

Rebeca and her husband reside in Fulton, Ky. When she is not writing or working with clients, she can be found in her scrapbook studio or renovating their 109-year old home as they make room for their second child. For more information, please visit

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Sisters, Ink (Scrapbooker's Series #1)
Coming Unglued (Scrapbooker's Series #2) ~ Amazon states this is the third book, that is wrong.

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I have one copy of Coming Unglued to giveaway to one of my readers. Leave a comment letting me know what you think of creating a momtourage for yourself or if you already have one.

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Misty said...

that is really interesting. I'd never heard the term Momtorauge before, but it fits!

Karen L said...

I am so intrigued with learning more about Rebeca and reading her books. I am also an avid scrapbooker, and I have my own group of Moms who I have gotten together with several times a year. We even do a 4 day retreat every January. Having a core group of supportive friends is key to balancing out my life as a mother, business owner and wife.

Karen L said...

I subscribe by email #1

Karen L said...

I subscribe by email #2

Karen L said...

I'm a follower!!

Karen L said...

Tweeted as karenladd here:

liane66 said...

I could definetly use one -- sounds like a great idea.
Thanks for the giveaway!

wendy said...

In our days of social networking, I think this is a great concept.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Katrina said...

I have never really heard of momtourage but I like the idea. Especially since I just moved to a new city and I need new local mom friends.

Tiffani said...

I am always looking to make new friends so I love it.

Carey said...

I used to joke about needing a mom posse when I first had kids and none of my friends did. Now I have an intimate group of friends, but sometimes the idea of a book group or something like that is appealing.

Anonymous said...

I think having two or three other moms that you can have playdates with and vent to on occassions is just enough; too many more schedules to work around complicates my life. Maybe I am just antisocial!
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Kim said...

I would love to do this - with coffee as a theme!

Kim said...

and I follow

Marie said...

I'd never heard of Momtorauge before but I guess it works. I'm just started scrapbooking. It will be nice for someone to show me the ropes.


MJ said...

What a great idea. We have a teachertorage..We get together twice a month for Mexican and margaritas...does that count? LOL

Please count me in!


Sweepstakes Advantage said...

Great Giveaway. I found this listed at Sweepstakes Advantage, . Good Luck Everyone!

JULIE said...

I WISH I had a "momtourage"...I barely have a "localfriendstourage"...most of my friends are scattered around the globe.
I really need to get going with meeting other moms now that my little guy is making his appearance in a couple months!!

Aik said...

Creating a momtourage sounds great!

Aik said...

I'm following your blog.

Aik said...

I tweeted:

Anonymous said...

I don't have one, what a fun idea. Will have to run it by some of my girlfriends!


Anonymous said...



Blodeuedd said...

Sounds interesting, and what a surprise if i won it cos then I would have a perfect girt for my scrapbooking friend, also readholic ;)

Dina said...

I do not have one but have some really great friends! We have a lot in common, so a momtourage is a fun idea - thank you!

Dina said...

I subscribe.

Dina said...

Follow you.

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