Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review & Giveaway ~ Cart Stopper

Have you ever been out shopping, you have a huge cart full of groceries and it is windy. You turn around and your cart is blowing away? Or worse, you have your baby in the cart, you turn & the cart with baby & groceries start rolling away?

I think this has happened to everyone. I remember with both my girls, I would be struggling with one foot on the cart, holding it in place while I tired to unlock my door. Unless it was super hot, I always put my daughter in the car first and I used to dread my cart rolling away.

The mom behind the My Lil' Monkeys came up with this idea of the Cart-Stopper after her son rolled away in a shopping cart towards traffic. After months of testing, she and her husband started selling these fantastic products!
I was sent a red cart-stopper to test out. What a fun little gadget, that is super handy. It is a very reasonable size, that easily fits in a diaper bag or leave in the car, etc. It just suction cups to your car & then you hook it to the cart. It is wonderful for those windy days, no more fighting with the cart. I wish this was around when my girls were younger, it would have been such a life saver.

Buy it ~ You can purchase the Cart-Stopper in 3 fashionable colors for $9.95 each + $4.95 flat rate shipping. Get together with some friends to save on shipping!

Win it ~ The generous people at My Lil' Monkey is giving away one cart stopper to a lucky reader of Mom of 2 Dancers Reviews. Winner will be sent one random stopper, you will not get to pick a color. To enter, tell me what color you would buy if you were purchasing.

Extra entries ~

  • Tell me a story about a time this would have come in handy
  • 5 extra entries this time for blogging this contest. You must link to both the contest & my main site to count. It can be an individual post or a round-up style post, as long as you link to both main page and actual contest link. Leave 5 comments to get all 5 entries. If you only want to link to the contest, then you will get 1 extra entries.
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Contest will end on May 6th at 11:59pm

Thanks to Family Review Network and Cart-Stopper for this review and giveaway.

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Veronica L. said...

Oh Wow, I am so glad that they are invented this cart stopper. I could have used it just last week when I was trying to get all three of boys into the van and also trying to make sure that my buggy doesn't roll away with either my groceries or a child inside of it! If I had a choice of color, i would choose Blue.
Thanks for a great giveaway :)

Sweepstakes Advantage said...

Pretty Cool Gadget! I found this Giveaway on Sweepstakes Advantage, , Good Luck to all!

Andrea M said...

I like the red one

Andrea M said...

I do believe I need this every time I go out! I have a 1 and a 3 yr old and it is scary trying to keep the cart close and keeping my kids safe especially since the 3 yr tries to climb out!

cari_and_kevin_king said...

I like the red because it stands out

queenofkings76 at yahoo dot com

JULIE said...

I'd pick the blue. This would be SOOO handy when trying to shop with my new little man!!

The Dreamer said...

I like the blue one!

addeviant006 at gmail dot com

Dina said...

I'd get a read one.

Dina said...

I shop at Costco, and their carts are huge and heavy. Add a child to the mix, and it gets really difficult to unload the cart without it rolling away! One time I was holding the cart with one hand and unloading it with the other, lost my balance and slammed the cart against my car - ouch! No humans were hurt in the process - but my car paint was.

Dina said...

Follow you.

Dina said...

I subscribe.

Dina said...

Got your button

Dina said...

Faved in Technorati (aitmama).

Anonymous said...

I'd like blue.
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I could have used this a few weeks back when my grocery store had a big sale on cat food--I stocked up and as I was trying to load the six heavy bags into my car the stupid buggy would NOT stay put! It was either trying to escape across the parking lot or whacking into the side of my vehicle. Very annoying!
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Carolyn said...

Red is my choice!

Carolyn said...

I am a subscriber!

Xenia said...

What a great product! If I were to buy one, I'd choose pink because my two girls love pink.


Xenia said...

Just this morning I had to run to Target to get diapers and when I got back to the car I had my 2-year-old in the seat of the cart and my 4-month-old in her car seat in the cart and it was really difficult to get either one out without letting the other roll away into the parking lot. This would come in handy all the time!


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