Friday, April 10, 2009

Review ~ The Household Guide to Dying

When I started hearing all the buzz about Debra Adelaide's new book, The Household Guide to Dying ~ I knew this would be a book I wanted to read. Lucky for me, I was able to get a review copy courtesy of Mother Talk.

The Household Guide to Dying is a moving, witty, and uplifting novel about Delia, who writes an acerbic and wildly popular household advice column. When Delia realizes that she will lose her long battle with cancer, she decides to organize her remaining months—and her husband and children’s future lives without her—the same way she has always ordered their household, and she knows just what to do. She will leave a list for her daughter’s future wedding; fill the freezer with homemade sausages, stews, and sauces; and even (maddeningly) offer her husband suggestions for a new wife. She’ll compile a lifetime’s worth of advice for her children, and she’ll even write the ultimate “Household Guide to Dying” for her fans. There is one item on her list, however, that proves too much even for “Dear Delia,” and it is the single greatest task she had set for herself. Yet just as Delia is coming to terms with this, an unexpected visitor helps her believe in her life’s worth in a way that no list ever could.

I really enjoyed this book. I've always thought that if you had the chance to know you are dying, then you should make the most of it. Prepare your family & yourself. I love how the main character, Delia does not feel sorry for herself. She just keeps on going with daily life. She even continues to write her advice column, which we get to read from the people who write to her and her responses. We also get to follow along as she writes her last book about dying.

This isn't my usual book, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I guarantee this book will touch you in one way or another. It may make you cry, but you will also get many good laughs out of it as well!

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