Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review ~ Planet Pixies

We are big fans of fairies, fey, pixies, etc in this house. Stems from my mom and continues onto me and my daughters. When I came across Planet Pixies from I love My Planet, I knew I found an amazing series of dolls.

All over the planet, Pixies are losing their homes due to pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Now these Pixies need good homes and friends that will care for them and for the environment. Together you and & your Pixie can learn about the environment and what you can do to protect it to ensure no more Pixies lose their homes. Pixies are made with organic cotton fabric and natural materials. Packaging is 100% post consumer recycled cardboard and is recyclable.

I was sent the Planet Pixies Maya Doll for review. What a gorgeous little doll. She has brown hair, pretty read dress and shoes. Very high quality cloth doll, so she is good for many ages! I love that she has an embroidered face, very detailed. Plus the dolls are made of organic cotton, and they even come in a 100% recycled cardboard box that is recyclable!

Cami absolutely loves her Maya doll. She brings it with her all the time, sleeps with her at night and plays with her all the time. She is good friends with Tinkerbell :) With her being cloth, she is very easy to sleep with at night. No hard plastic doll that will end up hurting Cami in the middle of night. Such a great doll and great for the environment! The dolls are also a generous size, well worth the money.

The Planet Pixies dolls come in 3 different versions. A brown hair, black hair and a blond hair doll. Cami really wants Kayla next, she loves that blond/pink hair!

The dolls retail for $24.95. If you buy 2 or more pixies at I love my Planet, you will get free shipping. You can also purchase them at Amazon and a few other select retailers.

Visit for interactive web games, and information on how to help the environment!

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