Monday, April 27, 2009

Review ~ Ragu

With busy schedules, getting dinner ready quick is important. It is also important to give the kids a healthy meal!

Luckily for me, my girls love spaghetti sauce! You can make a ton of different meals and you are getting a nutritious meal. Did you know that Ragu has a full serving a veggies in there sauces? I didn't know that before. Now I feel even better about serving meals with Ragu.

We tried the Hearty Baked Rigatoni meal that is on the Ragu website and it was a huge hit! My girls and my husband loved the new Sweet Tomato Basil flavor that Ragu just came out with. We plan on trying the Upside Pizza next, yum!

Mom Central has recently teamed up with Food Network's Robin Miller and Registered Dietician Sylvia Klinger to offer moms nutritional, parenting and time-management tips available on In keeping with the RagĂș tradition of a dedication to helping Moms feed our kids well, these helpful tips, healthy meal options and recipes are designed to make meal planning easier.

Do you have a recipe that you love that involves using spaghetti sauce? I'd love for you to share it! If you haven't used Ragu lately, give them a try.

My husband is super snobby about sauces, I honestly didn't think he'd even help me out with testing Ragu. With using the recipes though, he know loves it. He said he will never buy the expansive stuff again. Ragu costs under $2 and he can add what he wants to it. He said he can't believe he didn't switch years ago. Yeah Ragu, for helping me keep my budget down :)

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1 comment:

rmgales said...

This recipe looks yummy, I'm going to make it next week. I'm a Ragu fan, I've been using it for years in my spaghetti. My daughter says my spaghetti is the best!

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