Monday, April 20, 2009

Review ~ Sam-e Discover your Good Mood

I was sent a 30 day box of Sam-e made by Nature Made to try out. I've never battled depression, however I do get mood swings from my thyroid issues. I thought Sam-e would be a great choice to help control my mood swings.

What is Sam-e?

-e is a naturally occurring compound that is found in all living things. It’s distributed throughout the human body and it contributes to maintaining mood levels.

SAM-e levels tend to decline as people get older and certain groups of people, including those with low mood, tend to have lower levels of SAM-e in their bodies.

When the body doesn’t make enough SAM-e on its own, taking a SAM-e supplement can support many important functions. SAM-e Complete is a daily over-the counter dietary supplement available from retailers everywhere, as well as online.

SAM-e is best known for restoring a healthy mood by promoting a balance of brain cell functions. Nature Made also claims that SAM-e promotes joint health, too along with promoting a healthy mood.

I wasn't sure how Sam-e would work for me. I have tried supplements before with no benefits (one was feverfew on my headaches). About a week into taking Sam-e, I actually did notice that I felt a bit calmer. Weeks 2 - 4, I really noticed that I didn't get stressed and agitated as quickly with my girls. I was surprised that it did work for me. Sam-e is something I'd like to continue taking.

I didnt' have any side effects from taking it. I was reading the website and it states ~

Generally speaking, SAM-e supplements have been shown to be very safe, with no known side effects. One reason for the low level of side effects is that SAM-e is a naturally occurring molecule in your body, and a SAM-e supplement simply replenishes your body’s own natural supply.

Here is a Wall Street Journal article about Sam-e.

I'm not a doctor, so I am not recommending Sam-e. I found that I liked it for my stress levels associated with my thyroid (and being a mom, lol). If Sam-e sounds like something you might like, look into it and do your research.

Nature's Source does also give a risk free money back guarantee. You can find details here.

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