Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mamapedia ~ encyclopedia of Mothers' wisdom

Mamapedia: home pageImage by juhansonin via Flickr

There is a hot new website is changing the way moms get insight and advice on parenting.

And, it's all free.

Mamapedia is a one-stop-shop where moms can tap into the wisdom of other moms on an array of topics - everything from potty training to weight loss.

This amazing tool gives moms the power to ask any question and get real-scoop answers without judgment. Questions you can't ask your mother or are too embarrassed to bring up at a playgroup.

The site tracks the top searches and makes it super easy for moms everywhere (no registration required) to search and find.

To ask and answer questions, you do have to register. It is super quick & easy to register! When you log in, they even show you questions being asked in your area. How cool to connect with other moms in your city!

Thanks to Mom Central for helping getting the word out on this fabulous resource!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just signed up, thanks for the info.

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