Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review ~ One Time Wood + Discount

I was recently given a chance to try the One Time Wood Challenge.

One TIME® wood protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that uses a proprietary acrylate resin blend to provide long-term protection from water and UV radiation.

Unlike conventional exterior wood treatments, One TIME® penetrates deep into the substrate's cellular structure and cures in the natural sunlight. It can NOT evaporate or wash away like other products that simply coat the wood surface.

One TIME can be used on virtually any exterior wood:

*New or Old Wood
*Pressure-treated or Natural Wood
*Cedar, Pine or any other wood type

Maximum Benefits include:

  • Protects wood for at least seven years from sun, water and other elements. This eliminates the need to reapply wood sealer every one to two years as is necessary with conventional products.
  • 100% solids and contains no solvents, silicones, oils, water, waxes, or VOCs.
  • Penetrates into wood to become part of the wood's cellular structure, protecting it from water and sunlight.
  • Covers up to two times the square footage per gallon than conventional wood treatments, resulting in the need to purchase less product.
Easy Application:
No overlap, run, or drip marks
No back brushing needed
No cracking, peeling, flaking, or chipping
To rejuvenate color within 7 years, just clean dirt from the wood & reapply One TIME®.
Multitude of Outdoor Applications
One TIME® can be used on virtually any exterior wood:
New or old wood
Pressure treated or natural wood
Cedar, pine, or any other wood type
And on any exterior wood application:

Log homes
Outdoor furniture
Shake Roofs

Maximum Benefits
Protects against the damage of sun, water and other elements for 7 years
Penetrates and becomes part of the wood's cellular structure
Covers up to 2-3 times the square footage per gallon of conventional wood treatments
Contains 100 percent solids that cure in the wood - no water, solvents or waxes
One TIME® is available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.

My Results ~

I first used a piece of wood and drew a line down the middle. I used the One Time Sealer on one side and the sealer my dad used on his deck last year. I did the One Time side first and wow what a difference when I started using my dads product. The One time goes on very easily. You only need to coat it once. It is thicker then what dad uses. The stuff my dad used almost felt like paint compared to the One time. Also, the stuff my dad used last year was guaranteed 5 years and needs to already be redone this year (one year later).

After my test piece, I used the left over to seal my daughter rain gauge that she made at one of those free kids workshops. Didn't it turn out great? I love that you can actually see the wood grain & now her rain guage is protected. She has been having so much fun checking the rain (almost every day, ugh!).

I really liked the One Time a lot. I can't recommend it enough. Our test was enough to convince my husband what a great product this one. Couldn't convince my dad though, said he would stick with his cheap stuff. I personally was shocked because he has to redo the deck every single year. What gets him, is his product states a guarantee as well. Maybe next year when he sees how well the Rain gauge stood up, he will finally be convinced to use the Superior One Time Wood Protection.

Discount ~

My amazing readers can receive 10% off their purchase of One TIME Wood Sealer by using the promotional code: One TIME redeemable at

This review courtesy of Family Review Network.

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