Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review ~ Star Trek Movie

I've been a huge fan of Star Trek ever since I could remember. I used to watch Next Generation with my dad. That is the Star Trek I love. TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager.

I never got into the original series. I had no intention of seeing the Star Trek at the movies. Luckily for me, my dad asked me to go yesterday.

The movie was AMAZING! I know enough about the original to get all thejokes {which were good}. If you are a fan at all of Star Trek, go see this movie!

J.J. Abrams did an amazing job. I've seen mixed reviews, mainly with them being good. I can see how the people unhappy would be though. I think if this was a remake of TNG, I would have issues. You can not replace Picard & Ryker in my eyes, no way!

Since I was never into the original, I think this movie was amazing. I'm so excited to see another Star Trek, I hope it continues on it. Gene Rodenberry created something amazing. Did you see who they got for Kirk? OMG he is good looking :) The actors really got the rolls, couldn't have made better choices.

I highly recommend the new Star Trek. Don't wait till it comes out, it has to be experienced at the theater! This is coming from someone that prefers dvd's to going to the movie theater. Some movies have to be experience and this is one of them.

Here are some fun links I have read today related to Star Trek ~

They are working on another one for 2011!

Have you seen it? Are you planning on it?

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Connie Walsh said...

My hubby is all messed up because they messed with the time continuum. It is making some of the other stuff impossible, unless they are all in different time universes. Which totally messes with my mind.

Cindy B. of Montana said...

I couldn't agree with you more, especially about the actors. I thought they all did a fantastic job of capturing the expressions and mannerisms of the original characters. (Yes, I'm old enough to have watched the original series while I was doing my nightly teenager chore of washing the dishes :)) We were lucky enough to have gotten to see it in an IMAX theatre!

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

Great movie eh? I saw it the first day during the afternoon. You could tell who were the trek fans, as they were the ones (ahem) who stayed through the credits.

I love the music.

I have the original piano music to the original series, tng and ds9, so I've been trying to relearn it.

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

Martha (FL) said...

I would have commented on this sooner, but we have been in the theater watching Star Trek. I had NO plans on seeing the movie until I heard a review on the radio the piqued my interest! We have now been to see it FOUR TIMES. Three in IMAX (incredible) and once at a good old fashioned drive in on Sunday night! My 12 year old is now a trekkie - Spock being her favorite. I tell you Kirk (Chris Pine) was worth the price of all four admissions!!! I'm glad you liked it too!

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