Friday, June 12, 2009

Review Updates ~ Abbyroo & Eenamaria Bags

I thought it would be fun to do some updated reviews on items I have blogged about. I will try to do this regularly, but what inspired me was the first dance recital we went to this year.

I've been meaning to re-blog about my daughters Abbyroo Dance bag for awhile now. When I first did the review, she had hardly used it. I am happy to say she has used this bag for one year now. We got it just in time for dance recital last year, and Allie has continued to use the Abbyroo bag all year. It holds all of her dance items she could possibly need. She is in 7 numbers this year, so there is a variety of things in her bag including 2 pairs of tennis shoes for her two hip-hop class (I couldn't get lucky enough to need the same color for the two classes, lol)

She actually switched from using this huge bag that I paid over 50 bucks for on ebay for the Abbyroo which is much smaller, lighter & easier to use! The Abbyroo bags are $39 & they come in Dance, Cheer & then plain Brown, Black & Red for us Moms! I have been wanting one for myself since the day it arrived at my house, very cool & useful bag!
The other review item that has been so super helpful with our Rehearsals & Recitals is my eenamaria I Mean Bizniss Travel Tote.

When I originally picked it, I didn't realize how big it was. I don't travel much, so I wasn't sure how I would use it. When we had our rehearsal a month ago, I realized it would be perfect & super stylish. It holds so much, I can fit both my girls things that they need for dance (extra clothes, shoes, make-up, hair supplies, etc). Plus room for my camera, netbook, book & mags and my little ones coloring books and drawing paper. It seriously is amazing & I get so many compliments with it. Makes me want to travel, just so I can use it more often!

As you can see, I highly recommend shopping from both companies. They are both amazing! I have found in working with them ~ They care about their customers and they both make high quality bags for us!

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