Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Social Networks are the Keys to Good Networking

Today we have a guest post from the author of Katka ~ Stephen R. Meier

Social Networking can really be a great tool for networking, cause let's face it, everyone, and I mean everyone knows of MySpace, Twitter or Facebook. It's becoming the way to communicate. You are essentially "out of the loop" if you aren't on one of these, and for an author it can open up doors that might not have ever been possible. For me, Facebook has allowed me to have my book, read and reviewed by people in nineteen countries! That was a month after it was released!

The amazing thing is how much influence some of these people have. There are people out there, that I truly think "Facebook" for a living, meaning they are constantly on, writing, chatting, commenting on other people's photographs, posts, etc. And when you get your book in front of one of these people and they like it...watch out! Next thing you know you are being interviewed by a nineteen year old kid who has a blog that is followed by hundreds and giving away a free Kindle! This in itself causes a wave of publicity, which is picked up by others that you would never have imagined!

If you aren't out and about on the web interacting, you are missing out.

Stephen Ross Meier was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the first of many places he would live worldwide. He received his Bachelors in English from Arizona State University. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inspired by music, films, books, and the world around him, he is currently working on several projects, with his next book, Teaching Pandas to Swim, ready to be released soon. A huge fan of such writers as Charles Bukowski, Milan Kundera, Irving Welsch, Irving Stone, Chuck Palahniuk, and Brett Easton Ellis, Stephen has always been drawn to writing and story telling. Having been diagnosed with Heart Disease on May 10th, 2006, Stephen has been reminded that life void of passion is really not a life at all.

Keep an eye out for my review of Katka that is coming up.

Thanks to Stephen for guest posting here today and Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

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Stephen Meier said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest blogger today! Hope you like the book.

Anonymous said...

Has some great points. I've seen a bunch of reviews of Katka, I will have to pick it up.


Mel said...

I'm eager to read a new review about Katka, congratulations to Mr Meier, his style is a surprising combination of energy and inventiveness. Also, I think the amazing city of Prague gives the right dense and mysterious atmosphere to the entire story while edgy and realistic dialogues let the reader empathise with the characters. Katka is about unrestrainable instincts and self destruction, love, money and need to find a way to achieve something, It's been an entertaining and involving reading. I'm waiting for a sequel, I think the main characters, Gavin, Katka and Simona deserve absolutely a sequel!!

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