Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review ~ Memoirs of a Fortune Teller by Gary Turcotte

Memoirs of a Fortune Teller By Gary Turcotte
Rochester, NH, Jan 22, 2009 - Author Gary Turcotte in his book, Memoirs of a Fortune Teller, crafts a tale of a fortune teller who uncovers the secrets of a serial killer.
This book is a journal of the most disturbing readings of a traveling fortune teller. A carnival set-up man and his girlfriend are entertained daily as they watch Mary Ann the fortune teller work on the most resistant customers. They watch her turn the skeptics into believers. They see that she is truly gifted at seeing the future as well as the past.
By chance she uncovers the truth about the carnie couple. He is a traveling serial killer
and as the fair enters the new season the locals are asking the fortune teller to help find a
missing child. Mary Ann is an older woman and is afraid to be involved. She realizes that
many of the local people's reading are entwined.
Soon the killer is convinced that Mary Ann knows too much. Mary Ann doesn't want to
be the next one missing. Mary Ann is 68 years old and she knows that she is no match for
a young psychopathic merciless killer.
About the book:
Memoirs of a Fortune Teller by Gary Turcotte
ISBN: 978-1432733421
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: Oct 2008
Pages: 131
S.R.P.: $13.95
About the author:
Gary Turcotte grew up in Dover, New Hampshire, and has earned his living as a General
Contractor. He has written five books. This is the fourth published. There is a sequel to
this book titled Vigilante Witch Hunter.

I was sent this book several months ago.  It went on my review shelf, and to be honest it got overlooked.  I tend to read my library books first, so the books I own never get read.  About a month ago, I finished up my library books and stopped requesting new ones.  I just have to get through the some of the books I own and a ton of review books.

A couple days ago, we were reformatting  my C drive, so I couldn't get online.  I've been trying to read the new Patterson, Trial but have really been struggling with the content.  I happened to look over and noticed Memoirs of a Fortune Teller.  It has a cool cover, is on the thin side, and I figured would make a great book to read in between trying to read Trial. 

I have to admit, when I started reading the book, I got really into.  I couldn't figure out why I waited so long to read it.  I really enjoyed the writings of the character Mary Ann.  The story is basically her journal, which I found interesting.  I quickly read through the entire book, and I can't wait to read the second book told by her daughter ~ Vigilante Witch Hunter.

I was looking at the reviews on Amazon, they seem to be mixed.  Mainly people wish it was edited a bit better and more details.  I personally didn't really notice anything.  I just got into the story and enjoyed a fun book about fortune telling.  

This book also would qualify for the RIP IV challenge!  It is a fun read around Halloween time, check it out!  Let me know if you have read it or if you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Carl V. said...

It sounds like a perfect R.I.P. read. I'm glad it turned out to be such a pleasant surprise for is great when that happens, isn't it?

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