Friday, September 18, 2009

A to Z Challenge 2009

I started this last year and never finished completing out my post. I need to go back because I may have actually completed it, I know I read enough books. Just not sure if they will all fit the letters. Anyways, joining again and going to try to actually follow through with it. Such a fun challenge! You can sign up here until June 30th. There are several different options of reading either 26 books or 52 like the original challenge. You can find all the new rules here.

Book Titles ~

A ~ Accessory to Murder by Elaine Viets (5/09)
B ~ Body Count by PD Martin (2/09)
C ~ Cross Country by James Patterson (3/09)
D ~ Death Perception by Victoria Laurie
E ~ The (eighth) 8th Confession by James Patterson (9/09)
F ~ Freeze Frame by B David Warner
G ~ Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi (2/09)
H ~ Haunting on Hill House (10/09)
I ~ Ironside by Holly Black (1/09)
J ~ Just take my Heart by MHC (5/09)
K ~ Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair (4/09)
L ~ Love is Hell (05/09)
M ~ Murderers' Club by PD Martin (2/09)
O ~ Once upon a time in the North by Philip Pullman (5/09)
P ~ The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
R ~ Restless Dead ~ short stories
S ~ Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell (1/09)
V ~ Valiant by Holly Black (1/09)
W ~ Whispering Lake by Jessica Coulter Smith (2/09)


A ~ Abrahams, Peter ~ Down the Rabbit Hole (9/09)
B ~ Black, Holly ~ The Good Neighbors
C ~ Connelly, Michael ~ Black Echo (5/09)
D ~ Deaver, Jeffery ~ The Bone Collector (4/09)
E ~ Evanovich, Janet ~ Plum Spooky (4/09)
F ~ Frost, Kimberly ~ Woul-be Witch (4/09)
H ~ Harrison, Kim ~ White Witch, Black Curse (The Hollows, Book 7) (4/09)
J ~ Johansen, Iris & Roy ~ Silent Thunder (5/09)
L ~ Lisa Lutz ~ The Spellman Files (10/09)
P ~ Preston, Douglas ~ Blasphemy (4/09)
S ~ Spindler, Erica ~ Shocking Pink
T ~ Turcotte, Gary ~ Memoirs of a Fortune Teller (9/09)
V ~ Viets, Elaine ~ Clubbed to Death (5/09)
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