Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dracula's Tomb

My daughter enjoys reading, but mainly at school.  She isn't big on reading at home, until lately that is.  When I handed her Dracula's Tomb to she was instantly hooked on this book.  It honestly surprised me a bit because she is funny about scaryish type things.

First she read it from cover to cover then she started playing with the book.  At the very end, there is a pop up of Dracula.  Once she finished the book, she started looking through all the illustrations and making up her own stories.  She even played dentist with the pop-up Dracula because he was eating to much sugar blood.  I loved watching her imagination going wild while reading a book!  I can't recommend this Halloween book enough.  It is great for boys and girls, during Halloween or not.  Excellent book, one of my favorites in awhile for children.

After I gave Cami  Dracula's Tomb, she has been carrying it all around the house playing with it.

I was sent Dracula's Tomb to read and possibly review.  Opinions are mine.

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