Saturday, October 31, 2009

Five Star Publications: Rattlesnake Rules by Conrad J. Storad

You won't have to worry about fear of snakes when your little one picks up a copy of Rattlesnake Rules by Conrad J. Storad.  This fun books is geared towards kids ages 4 - 8.  I had my 8 year old daughter read it for the review, and she loved it.

Uh-oh! Was that a rattle I heard? Maybe it was a rattlesnake just following the rules. Rules? Rattlesnakes have rules?! If these babies shake their rattles, you d better pay attention! Much maligned primarily because they are too often misunderstood, rattlesnakes have gotten a bad rap over the years. Conrad J. Storad, an award-winning author of more than 30 science and nature books for young readers, wants to do something about that. In his just released book, Rattlesnake Rules, Conrad demystifies the world of rattlesnakes and introduces children to such topics as who, when, and what rattlesnakes eat. He shows readers why rattlesnakes have rattles and what it means if you hear one. You will learn how the snakes forked tongues help them survive. The delightful and colorful illustrations of Nathaniel P. Jensen help bring the story alive. A long-time resident of the Sonoran Desert, Conrad has long been fascinated by the diversity of animals and plants that call the desert home. Some of his earlier titles are Meerkats, Don t Call Me Pig! (A Javelina Story), Desert Night Shift (A Pack Rat Story), Lizards for Lunch (A Roadrunner s Tale), and Don t Ever Cross that Road! (An Armadillo Story).
Rattlesnake Rules is such a fun story.  Not only is it an engaging story for little ones, but it is also educational as well.  With beautiful illustrations by Nathaniel Jensen.  Rattlesnake Rules tell the rules of dealing with rattlesnakes from the snake's point of view.  How fun is that for kids?  My daughter got a real kick out of the story and thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures.

From a parent stand point, I love that the book includes rattlesnake facts, mysteries, myths and vocabulary words along with a curriculum guide in the back.

This book is on sale for $12.88 right now with Five Star Publications, due to their 24th anniversary special!

I want to thank Mama Buzz and Five Star Publications for this fun opportunity.  I did receive a free copy of the book.  This did not influence my opinion though :)

If you want a chance at winning this book, check out Mama Buzz.  Comment by the 7th of November!

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