Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher Gift Idea ~ Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind

My youngest is in 3rd grade this year, so when I was asked to review Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind: Thoughts on Teacherhood, I was pretty excited.  Plus I had already heard what a great book it was.

Once again, author and veteran California school teacher Done (32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny: Life Lessons from Teaching) shares his unique, joyful view of childhood with gentle humor and penetrating insight. Going through the school year month by month, Done offers humorous vignettes, student profiles and phenomena unique to the third grade, peppered with memories of Done's own childhood, which only get better as the book goes on. Done's style is straightforward and fast-paced, expertly recreating his adventures as the sole adult in a room of eight-year-olds. Culled from decades of experience, Done's text illuminates the enormous commitment and generous humor needed to get through 25 years of teaching ("After learning their names, I gave them the Keep Your Zippers Up Speech in my best Judge Wapner voice"). Alongside dry wit, Done also delivers heartbreak and wisdom relevant to anyone with memories of a childhood classroom.

This book was such a wonderful read.  It would make such a fun book to give to your childs teacher.  A bit of a different present, that any teacher is sure to enjoy! 

If you aren't in a rush for Christmas, Pick up a copy of Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind: Thoughts on Teacherhood at my affiliate Amazon.

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