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Review ~ Valiant by Holly Black

I read Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black last year, and I enjoyed it. I've always loved stories of Faerie, but some of the adult ones are ... well too adult for my taste. I'm so glad through the book blogs, I have discovered reading young adult novels. I get the stories I enjoy with a muted tone.

My copy of Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie finally came in beginning of this year from the library. I thought it was a continuation of Tithe, but it is not.

When 17-year-old Valerie catches her boyfriend and her mother fooling around, she runs away to New York City. There she falls in with a small group of teens who live in the subway tunnels. But there is something more to their stories than that of normal street kids. When Valerie begins to notice odd things about the deliveries they make, and when she meets Ravus, a troll, she understands that there is an entire world that she has never known existed–the world of Faerie. Valerie and her friends begin to steal from Ra…

Magical Cartoon Portraits

I was lucky enough to win an amazing prize from Magical Cartoon Portraits right before Christmas time over at The Lil' Peanut Patch.

Magical Cartoon Portraits turns any photo into a cartoon. The process is so easy, just upload/email a photo, and your child is magically turned into a cartoon. Since my girls both love dance, I decided to make them into cartoon ballerinas.

I got to work with Francois, and he was absolutely amazing. He kept in constant communication the entire process. I got to ok the product before making the final print. After my ok, I quickly received two gorgeous hand drawn cartoons of my girls. I decided to save them for Christmas, so I went bought frames & then put them under the tree on Christmas Eve. The girls just loved them & both have them hanging up there bedrooms now.

Not only is this a fun thing to do, but Magical Cartoon Portraits really makes kids heroes. With every print ordered, they donate money to charities. Since this company is so…

Good night of sleep

One of my favorite things to do is sleep. It always has been. I have thought of all the time I probably have wasted over my life by sleeping instead of living. I always decide though, I just love sleeping to much!

Actually though, by getting a good night sleep, I am more alert when awake. I feel better when I am fully rested, I'm healthier and just plain get more done!

Having a good bed really makes a difference. If you are uncomfortable how are you going to get a good night sleep? If you wake up in pain from your bed, you aren't getting a good night sleep either. Having a comfortable mattress is key.

I personally have never cared much what my bed looks like. Now that I have hit my thirties (shudder), I'm starting to think my room would look nicer with a nice bed as well. Right now, we don't even have a headboard. Just a plain mattress on a box spring.

I've always loved the look of the beds without the box spring. I'm also big into the contemporary loo…

Review + Giveaway ~ Vaseline Clinical Strength

Vaseline's newest product, Clinical Therapy is a prescription-strength lotion that is available without a prescription.

It started in Kodiak; one of Alaska's many small towns, with a population of 6,000. Due to the location, Kodiak endures an extremely icy climate leaving many of its residents with dull, dry and cracking skin. This very reason is why Vaseline thought the demographic would be perfect to demonstrate the effectiveness of Clinical Therapy Lotion.

Vaseline turned to Petal Ruch, a voice coach and 50-year-old mother of four, who tried the product and felt it really worked, to start a word-of-mouth campaign for new Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion. If she liked it, she could then freely "prescribe" it to anyone else she thought needed it. Through word-of-mouth, her experience spread to more than 600 townspeople—including 39 cousins, a Russian music group, a knife maker, police detective, owners of fishing vessels, and many others-- whom also discovered that …

Evenflo Launches "A Mother's Promise"

Recently Michigan changed their car seat laws. Now kids up to age 8 have to be in a booster seat. I had stopped using one with Cam around age 5, so I had to go out and buy a brand new car seat for my newly turned 7 year old. She got to pick a cute Evenflo one that is pink (something we have always wanted in our house) and had fairies all over it.
Why am I bring this up now? Evenflo has a new Facebook Community called “A Mother’s Promise". It is focused on bringing moms together in a quest to keep children safe while on the road. Supporting “A Mother’s Promise” is free, super simple, and only takes a moment.If you already have a Facebook account, just visit “A Mother’s Promise,” and post on the Wall, pledging to your children to do everything within your power to protect them. (There’s also a really nice video of other moms making their individual promises. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, now’s the time! Once you’re a member, just search for “A Mother’s Promise” and …