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3M Filtrete + Tips for Giving Your Home a Clean Air Check UP

I hate the cold Michigan winters, so I always look forward to spring. The nicer weather, the flowers, kids playing outside. However, my allergies flare up worse then ever. I've always suffered year round allergies, but spring and summer are usually the worst. My husband and daughters have them as well. It makes spring both a welcome and a burden.
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While the tendency may be to head indoors for relief, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies indicate that indoor levels of many pollutants may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels, making it one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health. In fact, many seasonal activities such as cooking, spring cleaning and redecorating can spread indoor pollutants. Did you know:

· Poor indoor air quality can cause a lack of concentration in school-aged children (Journal of Indoor Air)

· Every year, asthma accounts for an estimated three million lost work days for adults and …

Review ~ The Side-Yard Superhero

The Side-Yard Superhero (Life in Degraff: An Automythography), Author Rick Niece defines an automythography as ~

A work of nonfiction that looks reflectively at what we think we remember and how we think we remember it; an iridescent memory based upon truth and fact. R.D.N.

In his new book, “The Side-Yard Superhero” (Synergy Books, March 2009), Niece comically recounts his childhood experiences as a paperboy in small-town DeGraff, Ohio, and the special relationship he forms with Bernie Jones, a teenage boy with severe cerebral palsy. Taking the reader back to the small-town life of the 1950's and '60's, Niece shares the lessons learned from cherished friendships that still inspire him today.

A university president and true storyteller, Niece shares an assortment of childhood memories, ranging from the eccentric and humorous (the trendsetting Fern Burdette who only wore a brassiere from the waist up) to the heartwarming and poignant (the reclusive Miss Lizzie who made the…

Giveaway ~ 16x20" Poster Print

I have a fun giveaway for my readers today! One of my lucky readers will win a 16 x 20 Poster Print from UPrinting. UPrinting has been specializing in online printing for over 25 years.

They have been a trusted leader in Online Poster Printing, featuring their signature easy-to-use website and free file review (a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment). UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.'s high quality printing services include Canvas Printing, business cards, brochures, postcards and more, all at the most affordable prices.To enter ~
Leave a comment in this post telling me what you will do with your 16 x 20 Poster Print.Write a post about the contest on your blog. Your post must include a link back to this post, as well as one to the sponsor - Leave a second comment for a bonus entry if you bl…

PurpleTrail Review & Giveaway

Image is an online invitations and party planning site. You can plan amazing parties, meetings, get-togethers and other social events with ease.
Features Include:Easy address book import with duplicate detectionAll event details on one pageComprehensive invite management & status trackingAlways stay connected using your mobile phoneRecurring events & remindersShare event photos from one placeEasy updates on your desktop widgetRich post event experience including thank you notesAvailable platforms other than web (desktop application, cell phone, etc)
PurpleTrail also has a section called PartyTrail dedicated to party ideas & games. The section is complete with party ideas and neatly categorized and ordered by holidays and occasions.

The best part about PurpleTrail is that they are AD FREE! Yes you read that right, add free. You can send invitations, e-cards etc to friends and family with no ads.

To try the service visit and sign up. Signing …

Review ~ Star Trek Movie

I've been a huge fan of Star Trek ever since I could remember. I used to watch Next Generation with my dad. That is the Star Trek I love. TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager.

I never got into the original series. I had no intention of seeing the Star Trek at the movies. Luckily for me, my dad asked me to go yesterday.

The movie was AMAZING! I know enough about the original to get all thejokes {which were good}. If you are a fan at all of Star Trek, go see this movie!

J.J. Abrams did an amazing job. I've seen mixed reviews, mainly with them being good. I can see how the people unhappy would be though. I think if this was a remake of TNG, I would have issues. You can not replace Picard & Ryker in my eyes, no way!

Since I was never into the original, I think this movie was amazing. I'm so excited to see another Star Trek, I hope it continues on it. Gene Rodenberry created something amazing. Did you see who they got for Kirk? OMG he is good looking :) The actors real…