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Save the Tortillas ~ Woman Owned Business needs our help!

Calling all woman, there is a business owner that needs our help in Florida.  Her name is Tammy Young.  She started the company La Bonita Ole with $13,000 of her own money 17 years ago. She makes up less than 1% of the woman-owned businesses in the U.S. However, she is in jeapordy of losing her company to the bank even though she has done everything by the book.

Tammy has striven over the years to make the best tortillas outside of Mexico. In 2008, her company was forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy to satisfy lenders in the current credit climate. The move allowed La Bonita Ole to reorganize, continue paying its bills, meeting the payroll, and producing tortillas for you to enjoy. In fact, they are among a small percentage of viable companies in bankruptcy that are successful. However, the situation has become critical. SunTrust Bank may move to sell the company. We are a solid and profitable business in a growing industry. Under the present management. La Bonita Ole should continue ma…

Author Guest Post ~ Eddie Godshalk

Seven False Assumptions – That Caused the Housing Crisis

False Assumption 1: Real Estate Has Always Gone Up in Value, Thus It Will Continue to Go Up in Value Real estate prices in the United States have historically been on an upward trend, rising on average 1.6 percent in real terms between 1970 and 2005. However, this does not mean that prices increased every year in that period and by the same percentage in all locations within the country. For instance, between 1990 and 1995, inflation-adjusted prices of homes in the United States declined by 1.1 percent. If any individual purchased a house for residence or investment in that period and sold it before the market recovered, he or she may have realized a capital loss on that property because prices declined.

Moreover, the claim that real estate has always gone up in value, and thus it will continue to do so is a generalization that may not necessarily apply to specific localities. Real estate markets are local markets, in which any ma…

Pinecone is looking for families to join the panel

I've decided to get rid of my Getting free from debt blog and just post deals, etc here since this is a product review blog.  I just have to much going on.  I had planned on blogging about budgets, finances, shopping deals, drugstore & coupon deals + ways of making money online.  I never really got to that point, but maybe I will here?

Anyways, one of my favorite survey companies is Pinecone research.  They are hard to get into, you basically have to find a banner somewhere.  They are currently accepting families into the program.  You can sign up here.  It is a referral link, but I do not get anything for it.  It is only because I'm a member in good standing.

I have received many products to test out + you get paid for every qualified survey.  Right now it is $3 + a chance to win a contest.  Everything you do is confidential, so I can't talk about what I have tested, but I have been very happy in the program. 

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Lunch Solutions for the Entire Family

School is starting soon, some areas have already started. Lunch is on the brain. The thing is though, it isn't just kids packing a lunch. With the economy, many families are brown bagging it to work as well.

American adults carried 8.5 billion lunches from home in 2007, according to NPD Group research, the most recent figure available. That number has surely climbed since the economy has headed south.

With the average packed lunch costing $3.25 [1], compared to eating lunch out at $8 to $10, there’s big savings by the end of a month’s worth of lunches.

When making lunches for your kids or yourself ~ Reaching for unhealthy solutions – such as highly processed products – now takes the same amount of time as reaching for healthier options from the fresh produce department.

Earthbound Farm has a spate of easy lunch solutions for health- and eco-conscious bagged lunch packers no matter where they eat their mid-day meal – from pre-school to the corner office. These lunch options are cer…

Hellmann's Sandwich Swap 'n' Share

Hellmann's® and Best Foods® Mayonnaise has teamed up with musician and actor Billy Ray Cyrus to encourage people of all ages to celebrate their favorite childhood ritual (swapping sandwiches at school lunch) and join the virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share program to raise money for Feeding America®, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity.

For every sandwich created as part of the virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share program on, Hellmann's® and Best Foods® will donate 7 lunches[1] to Feeding America®.

This is a really fun & free to you way to support a great charity. Please take a moment to stop over to Hellmann's facebook page. Making a sandwich is really easy, you just allow the application then either build your own or have Hellmann's build one for you.

Comment here if you do!!! I'm a fan, are you?

[1] 7 lunches equals a $1 donation Hellmann's® will make to Feeding America® to provide meals to Americans at …