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Review ~ Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson

I've been noticing that some people are feeling mislead by Patterson's newest book ~ Alex Cross's TRIAL.  I'm honestly not sure why because it was clear to me from the start, before even picking up the book that it was  'written by Alex Cross, not about him'.  It is about one of his relatives.  If you are a fan, it is one book that can be skipped in the series.  It only has about 2 pages actually about Alex Cross.  

A Preface to Trial By Alex CrossA few months after I hunted a vicious killer named the Tiger halfway around the world, I began to think seriously about a book I had been wanting to write for years. I even had the title for it: Trial. The previous book I'd written was about the role of forensic psychology in the capture of the serial killer gary Soneji. Trial would be very different, and in some ways even more terrifying.
Oral history is very much alive in the Cross family, and this is because of my grandmother, regina Cross, who is known in our …

Vinyl Banner Giveaway from

I'm really excited about this giveaway from, it is really cool!  They are offering one of my readers (1) 24 x 36" Vinyl Banner w\ grommets ($62 value).

Uprinting seriously offers it all.  I am constantly amazed at the wide variety of their products.  Their 15 mil vinyl banners are top-notch quality and don't look cheap like low-end banners. UPrinting clients have used their vinyl banners (with photo quality printing) for weddings, parties, graduations, advertisements, rallies, political campaigns and backdrops. The banners come with heavy metal grommets that make them easy to hang for any event. The durable material and archival ink will ensure that these banners will last for years to come!

To enter the giveaway, just tell me what type of banner printing you plan on doing if you are selected as the winner.  You can check out the Vinyl banners first to get an idea.

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Greeting Card Giveaway from

Another great giveaway from my blog sponsor,  They are giving one of my wonderful readers  ~ (250 ct.) 7 x 5" (folded to 3.5 x 5") Custom Greeting Cards with totally free shipping in the US. 

The images say it all! Use these for your business or send them to friends and family.  There are less then 95 days till Christmas, this would be a great opportunity to make up your greeting cards for either personal or business use.  Choose to create a stunning design or simply use a cozy family photo. This giveaway is $200 in value with shipping!  They offer an awesome greeting card printing service at

To enter this giveaway, take a peek at Uprintings custom greeting cards to get an idea of what we are giving away.  Then come back here and tell me what you would do with your greeting cards if you are the winner.  That simple!

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Review & Giveaway ~ The Shandle

I have such a fun and important review for your today ~ The Shandle.  

With school back in session, and the huge scare of the flu outbreaks this year ~ I have been encouraging my kids to wash their hands as much as possible.  Of course, kids being kids they are having issues remembering.  When I was asked by The Family Review Network to review The Shandle, I fell in love with this fun bathroom item.

The Shandle is a utility product that encourages children to "wash their hands after going to the bathroom".  The product, containing an anti-microbial handle, sticks to the toilet seat and has playful designs and messages that remind children about good hygiene in addition to preventing children from ever having to touch the germ filled toilet seat. The perfect message to children to aid in the fight against the H1N1 Virus.

I was sent the Leaping Frog Shandle to review.  It has an image of an adorable frog that says "Frog Washes His Hands".   It was super easy to install…

Review ~ The 8th Confession by James Patterson

I had won a copy of James Patterson, The 8th Confession right after it was released.  Of course, since I owned it, I didn't read it right away.  I have a habit of doing that, I read the books from the library & never get around to the ones I own.  Over the summer, I decided to return all my library books and take a break from the library.  I finally got around to picking up the 8th Confession after struggling through the Trial. 

The Women's Murder Club is actually what got me hooked on Patterson.  I love this series and The 8th Confession did not disappoint me.  I haven't read any other reviews, so I don't know what others thought.  I really enjoyed this book though.  I thought it had a great story line, I love the character development, I loved the ending.  I wish the tv show would have lasted longer, even though I prefer the book characters to the tv show characters.

Det. Lindsay Boxer, of the San Francisco police department, is searching for a killer who's k…

Giveaway 18 x 24” Rolled Poster Print 100% Free!

I have a great giveaway for you today sponsored by the  They are giving one of my lucky readers an 18x24” Rolled Poster Print.

I never seem to know what I want to make my poster into.  I've been wanting to get a picture of both my daughters wearing their ballet shoes.  I want to just get their feet on hard wood floor.  If I can successfully get both my girls together to get this shot, that is what I will be making my poster into.

The Digital Room is a leader in poster printing.  That is not all they do though.  They have a large selection of other digital printing products like business cards, postcards, greeting cards, club flyers, rack cards, rip tags, bookmarks and hang tags for your personal and business needs. 

Giveaway ~ One of my readers will win a totally free 18 x 24" Rolled Poster Print from the Digital Room.  This giveaway is open to US residents only.  FREE UPS Ground Shipping for US residents.

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