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A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks

One of my all time favorite series of books are the Magic Kingdom For Sale Sold by Terry Brooks.  My mom always read Romance or Sci Fi stories while I was growing up.  I was never ever the mushy type, so Romance never appealed to me.   The Sci Fi did though, growing up I always watched Star Trek with my dad.  I tried reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in high school, but couldn't get into it (one of my favorite books now though).

My mom then gave me  Magic Kingdom for Sale--Sold! (The Magic Kingdom of Landover) and I was hooked.  No more Babysitter's Club or Sweet Valley High for me!  I read quickly through the entire series of 5 books.  Then I waited and waited and waited for another.  Brooks rights a lot of books, but he never went back to my beloved Landover.  Every so often, I check his website to see if he has any updates.  I never got into his other series, I ended up going in the direction of Mystery/Thriller/Suspense with only a few sci-fi/fantasy books …

Review ~ Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure

Both my girls have always loved watching the tv when animals are on it.  Something about animals, just captivates children.  That is why I'm so excited about the world Animal Adventure DVD. It is the newest product from The Baby Einstein Company that brings exotic animals from all over the world home to babies. 

While watching this dvd, viewers visit the seven continents to learn about the animals that live there. One of our favorite features is that Native music accompanies each segment. World Animal Adventure also has two new features to facilitate learning: “Select-A-Segment,” which allows you to choose shorter parts of the program to view when time is limited, and “Grow with Me,” which has added spoken and written language, plus extra puppet shows that will stimulate your child’s growing sense of humor.

Did you know that Baby Einstein has a YouTube channel?  You can view it at to see samples of their DVDs.  Keep up to date with Baby Einste…

September Round Up

Image by Let Ideas Compete via Flickr I am missing some books I have read over the summer.  I'm getting annoyed with myself.  I'm going to try and post a round up of books read each month, starting with September

I ended up reading a ton of James Patterson ~ I read Dangerous Days of Daniel X and I'm about half way through the 2nd book in this series ~ Watch the Skies.  I also started Alex Cross's Trial, but didnt' finish that as well.  I did finish The 8th Confession though and loved it!

I also read Memoirs of Fortune Teller and Down the Rabbit Hold that I really enjoyed. 

My 7th grader has to read for 20 minutes a day in her lexile reading group.  She hates to read, but read some books she enjoyed this month

Diary of a Wimpy Kid ~ I picked up the third one at a garage sale or something.  She absolutely loved it and wants to read the first two books.

Geek Chic - Zoe Zone or something like that

Middle School is Worse then Meatballs

Lisa Lutz ~ The Spellman Files

Series I read ~

The Spellman Files (10/09)
Curse of the Spellmans (11/09)
Revenge of the Spellmans (11/09)The Spellmans Strike AgainA Novel By: Lisa LutzThis edition: Hardcover, 400 pages Publication date: March 16, 2010