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The Obama Time Capsule

I'm sure by now, everyone has heard that Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  What a fitting day to tell you guys about The Obama Time Capsule

THE OBAMA TIME CAPSULE: World History in the Making is essentially a customized book that allows you to seamlessly add your personal pictures and thoughts to the existing professional photos and essays documenting Obama's journey to the White House. The book contains beautiful photographs and essays and gives users the ability to insert themselves into a piece of history. To get an idea about this book you can check out a recent broadcast from ABC Evening News.

Being a scrapbooker, I live each day trying to chronicle the lives of my family.  Part of that includes, weaving their life into what is going on in history as they live.  Theirs is the first generation to experience something unprecedented in the history of our country, having an African-American President. Regardless of which side of the political table you sit at, there&#…

Tiny Prints 2009 New Christmas Designs + New Budget Friendly Options

One of my favorite companies that I have worked with since blogging is Tiny Prints.  Not only are they a generous company, fully supporting blogging, but they also have the most amazing quality of products that I have come across.  Once you buy from Tiny Prints, you will not want to buy another greeting card or personalized invitation from anywhere else.

Tiny Prints recently introduced their 2009 Holiday Cards. They have some great new designs, including Eco friendly holiday cards and my favorite the brand new Photo Books from My Canvas.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ Free Card from Snapfish

Image is offering a free card throughout October for Breast Cancer Awarness month.  There are 5 choices and they are all adorable.  Above is the one I think I'm going to send.  I want to send it to my Grandma.  She helps us out each August with school clothes for my daughters.  She also takes them out in the Summer to get some clothes & then buys them clothes for Christmas as well.

Just  click here, log in then go to Store.  Then click on Share to Care in the left column.  The coupon code is listed right there along with the 5 designs.

If you aren't a member yet, email me and I will refer you.  Each of us will get 50 free prints!

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KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen ~ Pretend Play Kitchens

I have two daughters ~ One thing that they both always loved was playing house.  This is one game that has so many possibilities, with imagination the world is open to them.  

I was always surprised at how quick they start playing with babies though.  Both my girls had favorite baby dolls before they were even 2 years old.  Baby dolls quickly led to role playing.  Now what mommy doesn't have a  kitchen?  This is such a fun addition to playing house with baby dolls.  Both my girls always loved playing kitchen. 

Pretend Play Kitchens has an amazing selection of kitchens for girls and boys.   There newest, and my favorite is the The Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen 53185!

No detail has been left out! If you are tight on space, these wooden play kitchens are great because it fits in the corner of the room, yet it’s big enough for multiple children to play with. Girls will love the beautiful pink design, with matching pink curtains. Kids will use their imagination for hours preten…

Review ~ A Priest in Hell by Randall Radic

I got an email from Basil Spice about author Randall Radic and his book Gone to Hell: True Crimes of America's Clergy.  Never one to turn down a good story about priests going bad, I replied that I'd review it.  Unfortunately it was already gone, but then I was offered a chance to review A Priest in Hell: Gangs, Murderers and Snitching in a California Jail.  I figured, why not and was sent the book. 

Randall Radic is a former priest in the Old Catholic Church, a convicted felon who was sentenced to 16 months in prison.   He was arrested and charged with 10 felonies after a large bank deposit attracts the attention of the authorities. After an investigation, his congregation learns that he mortgaged the parish house, took the money, and then sold off the church itself. Convicted of embezzlement, forgery, and fraud, he spends six months in prison before a plea bargain leads to his release. 

This book is basically a gritty memoir that describes the painful reality of crime and pu…