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Joolwe Giveaway Sterling Silver High Polish Two-Tone Double Heart Pendant

Back in April I reviewed a gorgeous ring from  Now to help promote their brand new Jewelry Loyalty Reward Program, Joolwe has offered to do a giveaway on my blog.

So, how do you participate in the Loyalty Reward Program?  It is simple, just create an account at  Then as you make purchases from your account, you will earn points per dollar spent.  There are other ways to earn points as well, being a subscriber, writing reviews on the site for items purchases, guest blogging for them and more.  Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for free jewelry, starting as low as 24 points (at time of this writing).

What do you think?  What a great way to purchase and earn jewelry in these tough times.  From the ring I reviewed months ago, they have a nice quality jewelry.  The majority of their pieces are sterling silver jewelry or gold over sterling silver.  I personally love that, you have real jewelry that is affordable in pricing!  They also have a wide vari…

Halloween Book ~ Where's My Mummy?

I was sent Where's My Mummy? to review just in time for Halloween this year.   Written by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by John Manders, this book is just spooky enough for your little ones.   With a repetitive nature, it is easy for young ones to follow along the story and quickly learn the words.

My favorite part of the book?  The illustrations.  They are just beautifully done, just a bit creepy in the good old Halloween fashion, but not too scary that kids will not enjoy.

Book Description ~

This gently spooky read-aloud treat is also a satisfying bedtime book — sure to delight the youngest reader on many a deep, dark night.

Little Baby Mummy wants just one more game of hide-and-shriek with Big Mama Mummy before bedtime. The night is deep and dark, full of friendly creatures that click their clacky teeth and whoosh past on flippy-floppy wings. But who will comfort Little Baby Mummy if a small, scritchy-scratchy someone gives him a scare? Big Mama Mummy, of course! Fresh, comical il…

Acting Out Game from Playroom Entertainment ~ Great game for Tweens

Picking toys is not always an easy task for parents, relatives and friends.  There is a toy website called ebeanstalk, dedicated to selecting good, safe learning toys.  There are several ways to browse including ages like  5 year old toys.

BUT they need help from moms like me to help pick the toys. The toy they sent is called Acting Out from Playroom Entertainment, who makes great educational toys

Here is the deal on this toy ~ my girls absolutely loved this game!  From the website ~ Acting Out is the pajama party game for girls who don't have stagefright! A totally, socially interactive game for tween girls, Acting Out is a fun, self-confidence building game that asks players to see if they can perform random routines and scenarios. Some actions include acting like a supermodel in a photo shoot or sounding like a bratty kid in front of the babysitter. The next step in the game is a silly scheme that has players acting like a supermodel and a bratty kid at exactly the same time!…

Uprinting Greeting Card Giveaway Winner

The winner of the 250 Greeting Cards from Uprinting is ~

steffany s

She plans on using them as thank you's for her etsy business.


If you didn't win, you can still get 10% OFF All UPrinting Products!

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