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The Ultimate Cloth Review + Free Offer Available

I've mentioned before that I care deeply about the environment.  I probably have also mentioned that I'm a terrible housewife.  I hate cleaning, cooking, etc ~ all the typical things you associate with a stay at home mom.  With that said, I'm always on the look out for a product that will make my life easier + doesn't harm the environment or my kids {of course!}. 

Thanks to Mama Buzz, I have found a new product to add to my cleaning arsenal ~ The Ultimate Cloth.

The Ultimate Cloth is eco-friendly solution for homes as well as a money and time saver. The Ultimate Cloth is a brand new technology – in fact, it is the only cloth to receive a new patent in the last 25 years.The Ultimate Cloth is a simple, green and effective one-step cleaning process.The Ultimate Cloth cleans any hard surface – glass, wood, granite, stainless steel and many more – with just water!No longer do you have to use harsh chemicals in your home, nor do you need spend hundreds of dollars per year buyi…

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Thanksgiving Shape sugar cookies

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 1 week away?  I have to be honest, Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays.  My kids seem to enjoy it though, so I try really hard to do fun things around this time.  Plus sneak in some being thankful lessons :)

One thing I do enjoy about Thanksgiving though is that we are one step closer to Christmas.  Before the stores got all crazy and started putting out Christmas stuff months and months early, Thanksgiving seemed to mark the official Christmas season.

In keeping with that feeling, why not start you cookie baking early with Pillsbury?  They have the cutest cookies out right now that are shaped like Turkeys.  How adorable is that?  Just place the sugar cookies on your baking sheet, pop them into the oven, and within minutes you´ll have delicious home-baked treats to share with your kids. 

These fun Thanksgiving themed cookies are only available a short time, so pick them up while you can!  MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury sent me a cute little Tha…

Bed Bouquet Review & Giveaway

There is nothing better then getting into bed with fresh washed sheets.  That freshness sadly only lasts a few days.  What to do in the mean time?  Bed Bouquet to the rescue! 

From the website ~

The general concept surrounding the creation of Bed Bouquet was to develop an apparatus that would be physically unnoticeable to the sleeper, yet, emit a soft fragrance throughout the bed sheets for weeks in order to eliminate the need for daily application.

It was also important to ensure that the unit be designed to avoid all chemical-to-skin contact that could lead to irritation. The results, a specially designed fragrance pad with a pliable housing and adhesive backing that when placed on the mattress contours with the sleeper’s body position, thus, going undetected.
The top openings of the apparatus allow a mild and tantalizing scent to permeate throughout the sheets giving consumers daily enjoyment of their selected fragrance. Bed Bouquet uses only the finest oils to capture the essence …

Curse of the Spider King by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper

The Curse of the Spider King: Book 1 in the Berinfell Prophecies

By: Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper

Ages: 12 - 17

Curse of the Spider King is the first in a fantasy trilogy for middle grade readers.  It's co-written by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, both individual writers as well.  This brand new series is about seven 13-year olds from various parts of Earth who find each other in a mysterious way. They are gathered together to grasp their destiny. They're really elves who were brought here as infants to protect them from the Spider King when he ransacked the elven kingdom, Allyra. Now that they're teens their powers are revealed and the Spider King has rediscovered their whereabouts. To quash them will eliminate the hope of the elf remnant in Allyra, but those who've been watching over the growing children are determined to see their charges safely home.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  One thing I like about reading teen fantasy is they are usu…

Giveaway ~ 16 x 20 Rolled Canvas

In preparation for the Holiday season is rolling out another giveaway for my readers ~ 16x20 rolled Canvas.

Rolled canvas prints are perfect for home decor, photo prints and signage.

Giveaway Prize: (1) 16x20” Rolled Canvas for One Lucky Winner
Size: 16x20 rolled canvas
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping in the US
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents due to shipping costs.

To enter this wonderful giveaway ~

Leave a comment on this post describing what photo gifts you want to have printed for your family and loved ones this holiday season.

Extra Entries ~

Go read this review and leave a commentBlog about this giveawayTweet this giveaway (once a day)

Contest will end on November 21st @ 11:59pm. will email the winner with prize information on November 27th.

This contest is sponsored by The Digital Room.  I was not sent any money for this giveaway, I will however also receive the 16 x 20 Rolled Canvas.

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