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$25 Early Bird Sign Up Bonus ~ FREE MONEY!!!

This is a great deal, if you recall Paypal did this when they first opened. I made some great money with them. PayBox is a brand new site, and during the early bird enrollment period, you get $25 free automatically in your account. All they need is a user name, email and password to get your started!
Paybox is trying to make themselves the best payment site out there. To do this, there are daily surveys and other things you get to do to have an impact on how the site runs. With doing so, you will earn interest in your account.
Plus, for every person you refer, you get an additional $10 in your account!
What a great way to start the New Year. Think of all your resolutions ~ paying off debt, starting an emergency fund or even saving for Christmas 2011!

2010 Books & Movies

Cover of The Black Ice (Harry Bosch) Books

The Black Ice by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch Series, 2nd book) ~ Jan 10
U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton ~ Jan 14Night Passage by Robert B. Parker ~ Jan 17Dark Side of the Morgue by Raymond Benson ~ Feb 4thThe Lost Symbol by Dan Brown ~ Feb 20thRemember When by Nora Roberts & JD Robb ~ Feb 28thDevil Bones by kathy reichs ~MarchThe Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly ~ March 16th 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs audio book ~ March 2010 The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly ~ March 2010Trunk Music by Michael Connelly ~ March 2010I Alex Cross ~ April 10, 2010 Singulariy by Kathryn Casey ~ April 14, 2010The Poet by Michael Connelly ~ April 18Angels Flight by Michael ConnellyDivided in Death by JD RobbBloodwork by Michael ConnellyA Darkness more then Night by Michael ConnellyBloodlines by Kathryn CaseyVoid Moon by Michael ConnellyVisions in Death by JD Robb ~ June 2010Worst Case by James Patterson ~ June 2010The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Steph…

How was your Christmas?

I will admit it, I'm so glad Christmas is over!  I really have a hard time enjoying this time of year.  When we pull it off though, and our kids are happy, it is a magical time :)  My brother recently got a new flat screen tv and he is looking into TV stands for flat screens instead of mounting to his wall.  Now, I'm on a mission to help him find the perfect one to fit into his decor.

I have to talk a bit about favorite Christmas gifts.  What were your favorites for the year?

My 13 year old teenager ~

26" Mongoose Mountain Bike
Sweater Boots

9 year old daughter ~

Nintendo DSi Bundle Orange
Lalaloopsy Dolls
Rapunzel and Flynn dolls

Tell me, what were your families favorite gifts?

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UGG sheepskin boots clearance, 30% OFF! - Sponsored Post

Ugg boots Clearance! Sheepskin, Bailey Button, Metallic, Cardy boots and others are 100% genuine, 30% off, and complete new categories. Now Clearance! Hurry up to buy! Do not miss it!

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Coke Zero - It's possible - Sponsored Post

Cool coke zero wingsuit flying video! See what I think is possible.

Merry Christmas

Wishing all of my wonderful readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Gaggle of Chicks ~ Daily Deal Site for Moms

There is always a new fad on the internet, and right now that fad seems to be Daily Deal Sites.  Have you been checking them out at all?  I've already gotten some amazing deals from a few of them.  Well, the newest Daily Deal site is geared towards us Moms.  It is based in New York and is called Gaggle of Chicks.

Right now, they offer Deals in New York and Nationwide.  They aren't quite a daily deal site, most deals last about 3 days.  Right now you can get those adorable I like books for 40% off!  I have the Couple version and one of the regular versions.  Our family is going to start using them in January.  They are so cool!  A great quick way to jot down how you are feeling at the moment.

The next deal, I am super excited about and plan on buying!
Next Deal: $25 for $50 Worth of All-Natural Skincare Products for Moms and Kids Looking for a fail-safe gift for your mom and baby buddies? Don’t miss our deal forMom’s SkinCare, the Beverly Hills-based line of all-natural body produ…

Aurora Fee by Megan Barnes {High School student}

I was given the opportunity to review Aurora Fee by Parent Reviewers recently.  This book is actually written by a high school senior, how cool is that?  Who better then to write a book about a teenage girl, then a teenage girl?

With her pale white skin, long black hair, and unnaturally large eyes, sixteen-year-old Aurora Fee stands out in a crowd. But there s something different about this seemingly ordinary high school student. She s wise beyond her years. And she s keeping a centuries-old secret, one that threatens to hurt the people she loves: Aurora Fee may have been human once, but she is not anymore.

Aurora Fee is a teenage girl with a special ability.  She is half cat and this allows her to actually become one.  Of course, there is a huge downside to this since she also shows parts of being a cat when strong emotions come out.  She tries to hide it, but a boy at her new school notices.  He figures out what she is and they fall in love.  I don't want to spoil any of the book,…

Entertain Like A Gentleman

I love to entertain, but sometimes you just run out of ideas.  I absolutely love reading tip books on how to entertain.  I was recently sent an advance reader copy of Entertain Like a Gentleman.  I figure if I as a women struggles with it sometimes, then men surely do.  This is where this book comes in handy.  Ladies, for your husbands and boyfriends or for the few single men I may have reading my blog, this book is for you guys!
Knowing how to entertain for that special date or for a large crowd is the epitome of being a gentleman. There is no stronger way to impress someone than by showcasing your culinary skills. Bachelor Chef and culinary instructor David Harap has created a series of menus that any man can make his own. This book helps men create unforgettable meals for their guests without stress or needing years of cooking school. In addition to many exciting recipes for every occasion, that are tons of tips and secrets on how to become the ultimate host. Memorable meals made ea…

Diamondhub - Sponsored Post

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Bearpaw Boots 50% off Today only + Free Shipping & Returns

Image has their entire selection of Bearpaw Boots half off today only.  This is an amazing deal!  My daughter and I both have a few pairs of these, and they are totally comparible to style, quality and warmness as Uggs are.

The prices start around $22 and up.  The slippers can be worn outside as well.  They are that high of quality, and I live in Michigan.

Go check out the selection of Bearpaw boots. Makes a great gift for a teenager if you don't need new boots :)

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Tick Tock by James Patterson (Michael Bennett)

I was recently sent some books from Hachette.  When I got to Tick Tock by James Patterson a huge smile went across my face.  I almost started jumping up and down to actually have this book over a month before it comes out.  Normally, I check out from the library, so I'm reading the books months after they come out.  My non reading hubby and teen thought I was crazy.  My teen still brings up how happy I was "over a book" LOLThis is the fourth Michael Bennett story from Patterson.  If you haven't read them yet, they are really good.  About an Irish cop in New York that is a family man.  He and his wife adopted a bunch of kids since they couldn't have children themselves.  

Tick Tock ~

NYC's #1 detective, Michael Bennett, has a huge problem--the Son of Sam, the Werewolf of Wisteria and the Mad Bomber are all back. The city has never been more terrified!

Tick--a killer's countdown begins
A rash of horrifying crimes tears through the city, throwing it into complet…