Monday, January 4, 2010

No-Snow Snuggler ~ A must for your kids in the Winter!

I came across this amazing company last winter.  They have revolutionized the way we dress our little ones during the cold months.  Do you struggle getting your kids dressed for playtime outside?  Do you have a toddler that refuses to keep their mittons on?  Do you have an older child that gets snow in their mittons, come inside with red, freezing hands?

Then I have the product for you ~ The No-Snow Snuggler

This was originally introduced in toddler sizes, but luckily for me last year the company came out with the version you see above for older children (No-Snow II).  I was sent the adorable black and pink snuggler and the all black one for my kids to test out.

The No-Snow II™ was specifically designed with an older child in mind and was made to work hand in hand with your child's own traditional gloves or mittens. It features a protective arm warmer which is held in place by a fingerless glove that slips into the wearer's own snow glove or mitten.

As soon as they came in the mail (in a super cute pink fabric storage bag), the girls instantly fell in love with them.  All last winter, they wore the Snuggler under their coats.  My youngest even used her as a warm sweatshirt at school.  They both absolutely loved the thumb hole.  At times they actually got too hot and had to take it off.  It is absolutely perfect for layering while playing outside in the snow!

We got lucky with a pretty mild December this year.  The last few days though have been bitter cold.  Both girls were anxious about the cold weather at the bus stop today and asked for me to pull out their "warm sweatshirt w/ the thumb thing".  I thought it was pretty funny.  I got lucky that the sizes sent, will last 2 seasons.

The Snuggler and No-Snow II are an extremely high quality fleece zip up jacket.  The arms are extra padded for warmth as well.

For younger kids version is very unique.  I wish this was out when my girls were younger!  I am just imagining how much easier it would have been to get them zipped into snowsuits and coats.  Especially when I worked, this would have been an amazing time saver!

The No-Snow Snuggler's unique design provides protection where traditional children's mittens fail. It's worn underneath your child's coat or snowsuit and features the patented, water-resistant sleevemittens™ that protect your child's hands and wrists from the harsh winter weather.

Unlike other extended length or over the elbow mittens, the all-in-one design of the No-Snow Snuggler™ not only prevents small children from removing their mittens, it also adds an extra layer of warmth for your child. And, since it's all one piece, the No-Snow Snuggler means no more lost mittens. It's the perfect winter accessory!
If you live in an area that gets snow or even gets really cold, you really want to consider picking one of these.  You can learn more about the company here.  I love that they are a mom friendly company.  They employee moms on part time basis with flexible hours.  Amazing!  Let's support a company that also supports us moms!

You can purchase a No-Snow Snuggler and No-Snow II in their shop.  The Snuggler is only $21.99 and the older kid version is $26.99.  You can also personalize for an extra $5!
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