Friday, August 20, 2010

Gardasil & HPV Testing

I thought I'd share a picture of my tween getting one of her Gardasil doses last year since I'm blogging about HPV Testing today over at Mom of 2 Dancers Reviews.  

My doctors office starts the 3 dose shots at age 11.  I decided to wait till 12 because I figured I was safe waiting the year + at her 11 year check up, she received 4 other shots.  

Now I personally am for my kids receiving shots.  They have never bothered my kids in the least, not even fevers, so I feel on the safe side giving them.  Especially since it has come out that research linking it to Autism was faked.  I do feel that giving 4 at a time is a bit much, that is a lot of medicine at one time.  I really think there should be a limit of 2 at a visit.  I know my brother was bothered by shots, and had many problems with them.

I don't really want to debate shots though, if you are for them and have daughters definately do your research on HPV vaccine.  It is an amazing discovery and I hope that in years to come we see a decline in Cervical cancer in women.  That would be amazing!  Side note, Gardasil also helps boys not get genital warts.  Fair warning, the shot burns a bit.  My daughter received one of two of the doses with other shots, and she said that the Gardasil definately burned more then the others.  Watching her face, I could see that it hurt her.  Her face instantly changed when the nurse started injecting the vaccine.  She was fine though after leaving, not to bad of pain in her arm, etc (especially the 2nd and 3rd dose).  

Since the vaccine is geared towads females and males under 26, I have blogged on my review blog about measures us women over 26 can take to help prevent cervical cancer.  

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