Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lunar Antics Presents: Boy I'd Hate to be Made Out of That Stuff!

The Lunar Antics Presents is a collection of newspaper-style cartoons about moon inhabitants who are the ultimate outsiders. But it’s not about them, it’s about us. And these cartoons are not available online or in newspapers—just in book form

Meet the gang from the Lunar Antics comic strip! Zeno, Zed, Linda, and Drusus are inhabitants of the moon who just love to hang out here on Earth. Because it's not enough to be superior to all Earthlings, Zeno's mission is to make sure you know that he is superior to all Earthlings. The shyer Zed astounds all with his 7,234,732-calorie diet. Linda, the only female of the troop, holds her own in the battle of wits with Zeno, and Drusus spills the beans as to why they are invading Earth: tax relief! Then there is Professor Philip Zachary Jones the human who puts up with these "guests." Did we mention that these guests have blasters? But don't let these moon people steal the show because it's really about us Earthlings!

My oldest daughter really struggles with reading comprehension.  Because of this, she hates reading.  Absolutely hates it.  The one thing I have found that she will read without totally giving me a hard time is comic books.  I was asked to review the book The Lunar Antics Presents: Boy I'd Hate to be Made Out of That Stuff!  It is a comic book that is geared towards ALL ages.  Yes, that is right all ages can read this book.  How often do you find that?

While speaking with the author Walter Roberts, he showed me a great article written over at the Telegraph (great paper by the way, you find out way more about Science then you seem to in any US articles) ~ Comic books are good for children's learning.  It was nice seeing something in print that I had thought was true.  I know comics have helped my daughter keep up on her required reading.

Boy I'd Hate to be Made Out of That Stuff! is a really nice book.  It is a large format, measuring 10.7 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches and is a softcover book which is easier to hold in my opinion.  It has 141 pages and tons of comic strips.  You will laugh and get a kick out of those Earth-challenged inhabitants.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking at us humans through the minds of Aliens.  Not only is this book funny, but it is thought provoking.  My entire family got a kick out of the comics.  It was read by me & my 9 year old daughter who LOVE to read, and it was also read by my almost 13 year old and husband who absolutely HATE reading.  See it really is enjoyed by all!

Remember, there are only 3 things you need to know when encountering the moon inhabitants of The Lunar Antics

1. They have antennas.
2. They have flying saucers.
3. They are good in math.

That's it.  No tachyon particles. No time paradoxes. No tedious dissertations concerning Heisenberg philosophy.  

Finally space aliens for the rest of us!

Where to find ~

Author Robert Walters on Twitter
The Lunar Antics Characters on twitter ~
Prof. Philip Jones

Where to buy ~

Signed or unsigned books
The Lunar Antics Mugs
The Lunar Antics Presents: Boy I'd Hate to be Made Out of That Stuff! on Amazon

Thanks to author Robert Walters for contacting me about this great comic strip.  He sent me a copy of his book to facilitate this review.  No monetary compensation was giving for this review.

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