Friday, December 17, 2010

Aurora Fee by Megan Barnes {High School student}

Aurora Fee

I was given the opportunity to review Aurora Fee by Parent Reviewers recently.  This book is actually written by a high school senior, how cool is that?  Who better then to write a book about a teenage girl, then a teenage girl?

With her pale white skin, long black hair, and unnaturally large eyes, sixteen-year-old Aurora Fee stands out in a crowd. But there s something different about this seemingly ordinary high school student. She s wise beyond her years. And she s keeping a centuries-old secret, one that threatens to hurt the people she loves: Aurora Fee may have been human once, but she is not anymore.

Aurora Fee is a teenage girl with a special ability.  She is half cat and this allows her to actually become one.  Of course, there is a huge downside to this since she also shows parts of being a cat when strong emotions come out.  She tries to hide it, but a boy at her new school notices.  He figures out what she is and they fall in love.  I don't want to spoil any of the book, so I will leave the rest to you.

Besides this being a great book, it a good read for most ages.  I'd let my 9 year old daughter read it since it isn't graphic, etc.  It is probably geared more towards later tween years and teens.  Plus of course, us adults that love young adult novels.  I still can't get over the other being in high school.  Congrats to Miss Barnes for writing a fantastic novel.  I hope to see a Aurora Fee become a series! 

About the Author
Megan Barnes is a high school senior who started writing at a young age. She s an avid reader, with the Twilight and Harry Potter series among her favorites. She is also interested in photography. After her upcoming high school graduation, Megan plans to attend college and study creative writing.

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