Grockit Social Network for Learning ~ Students

Grockit – Online Test Prep: Social & Fun.

Grockit is the social network for learning

Gain an academic edge through live group study and adaptive solo practice

How Grockit works
Grockit is an online interactive learning environment where students:
Complete a brief online diagnostic allowing Grockit topinpoint a student's academic strengths and needs to instantly generate a personalized study plan
Receive expert instruction personalized to their unique needs
Practice with, learn from, and compete with millions of peers on the subject of their choice using live chat in Grockit Group Study
Earn points and recognition for achievements that show status in the Grockit community
Complete timely "Challenges" to measure academic progress
Catch up or get ahead with just a couple of hours on Grockit each week

Geared towards students in grades 7 - 12.  This is a fun and easy way to study for your future.

Use Coupon Code "extracredit_10" for 10% off Grockit Online Test Prep and Study products.

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