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KinderCare Summer Camp

It's April, but many of us have on our minds how our kids will spend their summers.  I know I'm already being bombarded with flyers coming home about classes to take, summer camps, etc.  It is easy to keep kids occupied for shorts amount of times like playdates, trip to the park, weekend getaways, etc.  It is still a struggle to find things to do for both young and older children.

Realizing how much kids crave summer adventures as it enables them to engage in a variety of activities, KinderCare Summer Camp surveyed nearly 3,000 kids to see how they would like to spend their summers. So what exactly did kids want? It turns out they have plenty of ideas ~ they wanted adventures, arts and crafts, and trips- activities which often fall beyond the reach of busy Moms.

KinderCare responded by partnering with teachers to design a nationwide summer camp program to provide kids with new and interesting activities pertaining to their interests. They developed 12 unique w…