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Belly Burner Review & Giveaway ~ CLOSED

I have been wanting to lose my belly for a few years now, it is really my only problem area.  I have found that just doing crunches alone does nothing.  Trust me, I have tried getting away with that!  When I had the chance to try The Belly Burner, I jumped at it!

The Belly Burner Belt intensifies your calorie burn by increasing your thermal core temperature.  It is made of high quality neoprene that naturally generates more heat in your core, which increases metabolic rate, the belt focuses energy, and burns off unwanted inches. Neoprene fabric is most commonly used in wetsuits for insulation and in such other items as laptop sleeves, iPod holders and remote controls. The Belly Burner's simple Velcro design makes it easy to take on and off. It can also be worn under clothes so you can squeeze every extra calorie out of normal daily activities. 

With the actual Belly Burner Belt, you get a workout DVD plus an Exercise and food journal Meal planner nutrition log At-a-glance calori…

Yoursphere ~ Social Networking for Kids

Have you let your kids join Yoursphere yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  This is the perfect place for your kids under 18 to get the social networking experience without the concerns of inappropriate adult behavior. 

If you haven't joined yet, hop on over there an join right now.  Use the code YSMC-0041 when joining. 

If you have already joined, then you probably know how much fun it is for kids.  If not, then keep reading ...

Not only is joining super easy, but there is so much for kids to do.  We've talked a bit about spheres.  These are like groups or forums.  My daughters created one for Dance themselves.  They are also members of various groups like Art/Photography, Fashion, Webkinz and more.  There is literally something for everyone, and if there isn't then they can create it. 

The kids can upload pictures, talk to each other, enter contests and learn fun facts.  Like the Did you Know that gives a fun fact, video uploads and the best part according to my 8 …

Summer must haves Giveaway from Clearly Beautiful, LashFood and Le Baby

I was offered the chance of giving away $60 worth of Summer must have products! 
Clearly Beautiful: Perfect to soothe tired eyes after a long day in the sun, this eye mask utilizes a pure plant collagen delivery system to nourish both the top layer of the skin and to penetrate deep under the surface to increase collagen production, cell renewal and total skin hydration.  The all natural eye mask acts as a protective layer while it encourages complete absorption of the masks rejuvenating liquids to alleviate wrinkles under the eyes. Price: $10.00
LashFood: This summer, full and thick lashes are in!  LashFood Drama Mascara features the company’s exclusive Nano-Peptide Technology to encourage eyelash growth and thickening.  The mascara provides volume and length to lashes for a dramatic finish while simultaneously transforming frail and brittle lashes into healthy and strong lashes with every stroke.  Price: $27.00
Le Baby:  Whether headed to…

Tween Confidence Index ~ Unilever Deodorant/DOVE

As you probably know, I have two daughters.  They are almost 9 and almost 13.  My oldest has always been very quick to grow up, while my third grader wants to stay small.  She already thinks she is to old.  Thinking back to how my 7th grader acted in third grade is unbelievable to me.  In third grade she started driving me crazy to wear a bra and wear deodorant.

I personally felt third grade was too young.  She had those undershirt type bras but she wanted a real bra.  My lovely daughter went to my mom and told her, and she somehow convinced my mom to buy her both a bra and deodorant (against my wishes but anyway).   I believe that same year, my daughters dance teacher handed out samples of deodorant to her students.  My daughter was in an advanced class, so she was the youngest.  I figured I lost the battle and embraced it.  

I got pretty lucky with my tween, she is super open about all of this type stuff.  She will talk to me, her dad, my mom.  She says stuff in front of my dad, m…