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Ronzoni Smart Taste Photo Contest

Pasta is my favorite thing to eat, I'm super picky and it is a favorite.  My girls, thankfully are not as picky, but they also our big Pasta lovers.  I like mine plain, but my girls love meat & veggies mixed in with their pasta which is awesome!

Since it looks and tastes like traditional pasta, Ronzoni Smart Taste does the complete job of getting healthy food into our kids, and is also an excellent source of fiber, calcium and Vitamin D.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, less than 60 percent of children age three to five get enough calcium, and the numbers decline as kids get older. And with three out of four pre-school age children also not getting enough fiber, Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta combines the nutritional benefits you want as a Mom with the great taste your kids want to eat—plain or not.

We put Ronzoni pasta to the test with the girls.  My husband made both Ronzoni pasta and white pasta for my girls to test out.  They both loved the Ronzoni pasta.  They w…