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Marriott "Nickelodeon Your Stay"

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We had to stay at a few hotels over this past competition season.  The first one we went to was the Marriott in Kalamazoo, MI.  Let me tell you, it really set the stage for the rest of the hotels, and none of them compared!  This hotel was beautiful.  I wish I had taken better pictures to show you.  

It was clean, great staff, awesome breakfast, great pool and fabulous decorating.  It was a great hotel!

Recently, Marriott and Nickelodeon came up with a great new promotion to keep kids happy and busy throughout their stay. Starting July 1st, you can arrange to "Nickelodeon Your Stay" at nearly 2,000 hotels with the Marriott brands. All kids get free activities including a Nickelodeon bracelet with a code to access free online games at, and an activity book with challenging puzzles and mazes.  Kids who eat at the hotels' restaurants also receive a placemat featuring favorite Nickelodeon characters, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.

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Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast DVD Review + Coupon Code

Are you looking to lose that pregnancy weight?  I have found a women that will get you motivated to lose pregnancy weight.  Better yet, she shows you how she loses her baby weight week by week.  By seeing this, it is just extra motivation that it IS actually possible.  Who am I talking about?  Lindsay Brin from Moms into Fitness!   I was sent the Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast with Moms Into Fitness DVD to review with Mama Buzz recently, let me tell you I'm loving it.  
Lose that pesky five pounds faster than you put it on! You can achieve the ultimate fat burn in just 30 minutes.

Did five extra pounds sneak up on you in your busy life? Get rid of them fast with these two total-body workouts that balance toning exercises with bursts of energetic cardio for maximum fat burning in only 30 minutes. This interval training is the most efficient way to burn calories, and two different workouts ensure you will not hit a plateau during the six week program. You will lose five pounds …

Oxy Clinical helps treat both teen and adult Acne!

Acne affects 85% of Americans at some point in their lives, which makes it the most prevalent skin disease in the country.   I myself have suffered from it since 6th grad one, and now I have an 8th grader daughter.  We both tend to break out on our chin the most, with blackheads on the nose.  I personally cannot aford expansive trips to the dermatologist so I need an over-the-counter solution that provides fast and noticeable results. Luckily, OXY Clinical acne treatment offers a powerful and affordable solution to stubborn acne without the need for a costly dermatologist appointment!

OXY's focus on the "science behind skincare" has led to the creation of their new Clinical System which incorporates patented technologies with prescription-strength ingredients to ensure a quick and discrete solution to acne. OXY Clinical delivers a new level of treatment technology in a system that can be applied on a daily basis in our home. Each of the system's three treatments cont…