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Review ~ Costume Supercenter

I was invited to review a costume recently from Costume Supercenter.   My first choices were something from Alice in Wonderland for one of my girls, but everything I wanted has a shipping date of September 20th.  Since I'm doing the review now, I ended up picking something for myself.

I chose the Witchy La Bouf Pink Adult Costume. Isn't it super cute?

Bring witch apparel into the 21st century with this sexy costume. Costume features a tutu-like dresswith corset style front and pointy witch's hat al l with pink trim.

Once I had my selection,  I was shipped the costume speedy quick.  I was surprised at how fast it arrived.  It was sent just like how you buy them in the store, in the plastic hanging bag.  It was shipped in a tyvek envelope.  These are the best thing for shipping clothes in, they do not get wet and they are really hard to tear open.
The costume is a great quality, that will last for years. 
Costumer service is excellant.  Plus the huge selection and great pricing …

Nickelodeon’s The Penguins of Madagascar & General Mills ~ Closed

Nickelodeon and General Mills have teamed up to bring some Summer fun to our breakfast tables this year with The Penguins of Madagascar.  

Inside specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals, you’ll “commence operations” with one of five characters fromThe Penguins of Madagascar; Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, Private or King Julien. Each participating cereal contains one character launcher with mission details outlined on the back of the box including:

Dive In, Soldier – Set an empty plastic cereal bowl on the table and try to pop your launcher into it. Wear a helmet or you’ll be squid bait.Longest Propulsion Launcher – Challenge your troops to see who can launch their character the furthest. Go long or go back to the zoo.Target Practice – Create a landing zone with a spoon and try to strategically drop your character into the sweet spot. Hit the target or go back to the drawing board.Clear the Wall – Do you have enough projectile pop to push your launcher over the top of the box? Proceed…

Nature Made SAM-e Review & Giveaway ~ CLOSED

As we get older our bodies start making less SAM-e, a naturally occurring compound, which ultimately works to maintain a balanced mood. Nature Made SAM-e Complete helps replenish your body's natural levels of SAM-e and when taken daily it can begin to help naturally restore a healthy mood in as little as 7 to 14 days. 

SAM-e helps other molecules in the brain do their jobs by making you feel like your normal self. When SAM-e levels run low, those other molecules can’t do their jobs as effectively, and you can feel out of sorts from a mood standpoint.

I really like taking SAM-e along with my other vitamin routine.  I have thyroid issues, and it really seems to help level out my mood swings.  The Nature Made SAM-e doesn't bother my stomach like some supplements have in the past.  I take it every morning, and really have noticed a difference.  

Nature Made SAM-e complete recently launched a really cool campaign.   It is called Give a Smile, they are working with Dream Factory, the …