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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Last week, I was invited to sit in on a panel discussion hosted by the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) and Mom Central regarding High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). With all the negative press HFCS has received in the past year or so, the CRA apparently is trying to do some damage control.  They recently petitioned the United States Food and Drug Administration to start calling the ingredient “corn sugar,” arguing that a name change is the only way to clear up consumer confusion about the product.

Prior to the conference call, Mom Central asked us to raid our pantries looking for ~

AgaveBrown sugar or granulated white sugarCane juice, cane syrup, and cane juice crystalsConfectioners' sugarCorn sweeteners and corn syrupDextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Lactose, Maltose, or SucroseFruit juice concentrateHigh fructose corn syrupHoneyInvert sugarMalt syrupMolassesSteviaSyrup 
I didn't even want to raid my kitchen because I know there is a high amount of sugar items.  A great site to get an i…

Nancy Drew Adventure Series DVD Games

Nancy Drew was created in a book series back in the 1930's.  Can you believe it has been that long?  What a role model she was back then for girls.  Such a well written character, she has stayed popular with young girls to adult women.  Not only is she in books, but movies and even computer games!

I was sent 2 of her computer games to review a little while back.  Both my girls were really excited when I opened this package up.  I was a bit suprised because my oldest does not like reading, and my youngest hasn't quite gotten into the Nancy Drew Mystery books yet.  My oldest did read the The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery (Nancy Drew No. 110) since it involved her favorite ballet, The Nutcracker.  
Anyways, I was sent 
Secrets Can Killremastered with new ending

Investigate clues to unlock a killer's secret.

The game that started it all. Number 1 in the series!"As a tribute to Nancy Drew's 80th Anniversary, Her Interactive is remastering the first game that launched the award-…

Balloonatiks: The Collector's Set Review & Giveaway

I was recently sent Balloonatiks: The Collector's Set Dvd to watch and review.  This was our first experience with the Balloonatik's, but they actually have a series of comics, books and games. 
So who exactly are the Balloonatiks?  The Balloonatiks are five normal kids who were accidentally "gooped" in a science experiment, that wentawry at the Hot Air City Fair, and they wound up with stretchy, bouncy, rubbery qualities that make their lives, zany, wild and balloony. Now, all their problems from squabbling siblings to schoolyard rivalries are given an added twist. On top of all their previous concerns about fitting in, making friends and establishing their own identities, their lives are complicated by the fact that they are no longer typical kids. They have odd and unexpected abilities. Now they have rubbery ways of tackling any challenge that is presented to them. Sometimes these abilities help them solve problems with ease; sometimes they only complicate things e…

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Shox Scooter

I was able to review the Shred Sled Shox Scooter over the summer thanks to Team Mom.

The first is the new Shox Scooter®, the first-ever active shock absorber scooter that allows riders to perform higher, faster, more awesome tricks! Unlike traditional scooters, the Shox Scooter’s supreme shocks increase a rider’s speed and air-time, making stunts bigger and better.

The Shox Scooter will be available for an approximate retail price of $59.99 and is appropriate for ages 5 and up.

My kids loved the Shox Scooter.  They both fought over using it, even though they both received brand new scooters last July :)A shock absorbing spring allows you to propel yourself farther and faster than ever before.  Catching air and doing tricks.

Additional advantages: locking adjustment system, lightweight, durable foldable aluminium body, flexible fiber spring providing enhanced thrills and allowing smoother riding.

Great ride on toy to get your kids outside.  I think boys would really have a blast with the