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Blood Game & Eight Days to Live by Iris Johansen

I was a huge fan of Iris Johansen years ago, flew through all of her books when I discovered her. She is what got me loving series books and reading in order of how an author wrote.  I didn't realize that she interweaves her characters when I first started reading her and that ended up being one of my favorite things about her.  I love when I character pops back into a book or is a main focus in a book after having a small part in a previous book.  Michael Connelly is another one that does that.  Anyways, I've actually grown a bit tired of Iris Johansen typical writing style, but I just can't seem to stop reading the Eve Duncan series.  The thing that bugs me the most is the way she writes "your Joe", "your Jane", etc.  It gets redundant after several pages and several books.  

Anyways, I recently finished 2 of Iris Johansen's latest books.

Blood Game: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller is following her past book Quicksand.    Fresh off a multiple child…

Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Shaping the NEW You Giveaway

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You: 101 Encouraging Stories about Dieting and Fitness is a great book to read to start out the 2011 year.  

No one likes to diet, but this book will encourage and inspire readers with its positive, practical, and purposeful stories of dieting and fitness. Readers will find hope, help, and hints on getting fit and staying healthy in these 101 stories from those who have been there, done that, and maintained it. Stories about wake-up calls and realizations, moving more and eating better, self-esteem and support, will motivate any reader looking to start fresh or needing a boost. This is a great book for anyone embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

What I love about this particular book is it is filled with true stories.  I want to hear about other people just like me, looking to get into shape.  Not a fitness trainer with no kids :)  Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You is filled with 101 weight loss SUCCESS stories that shows a variety …