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The Sherlockian by Graham Moore

I was sent The Sherlockian by Graham Moore to read and review back in December.  I finished it a little while ago and really enjoyed this novel.  I'm a big fan of mystery, but have never read Sherlock Holmes.  I came across the complete works of Sherlock Holmes at a thrift store a few months ago on sale for $4, so I look forward to finally reading Arthur Conan Doyle's writing.  I almost wanted to read that first before starting The Sherlockian, but I was too excited to read this new novel. 
The book starts out with Arthur Conan Doyle trying to decide how to kill the famous Sherlock Holmes.  Then we skip to present time and meet Harold White.  Harold is a die hard Sherlock Holmes fan and attending a meeting of Sherlockians.  The book continues to go back and forth between Doyle's time and 2010.  
In January 2010, Harold White, "a freelance literary researcher" who helps defend Hollywood studios against claims of copyright infringement, is inducted into the pre-emine…