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Re-reading books, do you?

This week’s question: How often do you re-read books? What does it take to make you re-read? This is a fun question.  I don't typically re-read books.  The ones I do tend to be in the Fantasy Genre or Children's books.   I have started to re-read the Terry Brooks Landover Series.  I read this series in High School, so wanted to read again as an adult.  I also have re-read Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.  I will probably pick this series up every few years to read again.

Some books I see myself reading again in the future are Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and The Phantom Tollbooth

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Free Kindle eBook ~ The Girl in the Lighthouse (Arrington)

Free eBook for a limited time, The Girl in the Lighthouse (Arrington)

This is one of 2011 must read books! So shocking and immersed in dark family secrets, author Roxane Tepfer Sanford has captured readers from around the world with her debut novel, The Girl in the Lighthouse.

From the time Lillian Arrington was born in 1862, she lived an isolated life on a remote lighthouse station with her father Garrett and her young mother Amelia. But Lillian has wishes and dreams far beyond her years.
When her father is transferred to a new station, Lillian is anxious to meet the assistant keepers and their two sons, Heath and Ayden. She had never met children her own age, had playmates, or made a friend.

Heath, the handsome teenage boy who desires to become a doctor someday, welcomes Lillian. However, his younger brother, Ayden, doesn't like her and she struggles to win him over. Before long, a secret bond between the three is forged and to Lillian's delight, they become close friends.