Monday, January 14, 2013

Earn REWARDS to Amazon & other places you shop with these Easy Programs!

Do you shop at Amazon?  Do you read the kindle?  Why not earn Amazon gift cards for doing simple tasks like your regular every day searches, surveys or answering poll questions?  Here are the programs I use and have received gift cards from ~

Swagbucks ~ This is my favorite.  I've been using them for a long time and have earned a ton of Amazon $5 gift cards, plus itunes gift cards & a few clothing items even.  You earn random points for searches, they have a wide range of points.  I typically win at least 7 a day, usually more.  You can also earn points for the daily poll, having the swagbar, surveys, watching video clips (earn 3 points for every 10), plus random things to do every day.  You can really get the points, and there is no limit to how many you can earn in a day.  You also earn the same points your referrals do, up to 1,000 points!

TIP ~ Set up your default search as swagbucks.  I search a lot right in the url bar and by copying something and right clicking to search.  I have it set up as Swagbucks, and I win the majority of my search points this way vs going to Swagbucks.

Bing ~ This is another easy one.  You earn one point for every 2 searches, up to 15 points.  If you can make 30 searches a day, you get 15 points.  Plus you get 1 point a day for clicking on their link of the day, and you can also earn points for referrals.   They will award you 5 points per friend, up to 25 points.  They also have a silver level and gold level.  When you reach silver, you get a one time bonus 50 points.  When you reach gold level, you get discounted rewards!

MyPoints ~ This is a program I used to use all the time, and then I kind of forgot about it.  For whatever reason, I went into my account in December and realized I could redeem for an Amazon gift card.  I've been using the program again.  Mypoints sends you emails with things you can do.  Sometimes you get points just for reading it and clicking the offer.  Other times you have to complete the offer.  They also offer surveys, a shopping portal plus more on their website.  This is the only site I use that actually mails your Amazon gift code to you.  The other sites email it.  Still takes about the same time, I think mine took 3 weeks to arrive.

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