Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: January

I'm starting a fun new thing this year, Month in a review by numbers.  I found it on Notes on Paper.  What a fun way to document the month.

I worked the Skrillex concert for New Years Eve, so it wasn't until the 1st of January that I got to celebrate 2013 with my 2 daughters.

3rd ~ My youngest celebrated her .5 birthday, she turned 11.5.  Totally unrelated, but worked out good.  We met up with my 15 year old daughters old daycare teacher.  She was the best ever, was super close to my daughter.  Really made working outside the home so much easier.  We met up at American Pie and spent over 4 hours there!  It was great, we plan to meet up again during Spring Break.

My 15 year old dyed her hair 2 times this month.  She wouldn't listen to me that her hair wouldn't go blonde, so she had to fix her mistake and redye her hair brown.  By the end of the month, she is already driving me crazy to dye it agin, but no way!  My dad teased her, that she looked just like her sisters doll (Howleen Wolf).  She was not a happy camper.  It is back to brown now though.

The girls went back to dance on the 5th of January, after an almost 2 week break.  We ended up going to the dance studio a total of 17 days in January.

The girls also both started their solo practices.  They each had 2, 1 hour long classes.  They both finished their solos already.  Excited they learned them in only 2 classes!

I only worked 1 volunteer event this month, on the 12th for Monster Trucks.

I went to the mall a record breaking 5 times this month. I think that beats Christmas.  I never go to the mall.  When I was my girls, we saw this fun family.  My 15 year old made me snap a picture.  The 3 girls sure where fancied up.  Normally I only see those furry boots at the crazy concerts I work :)

On the 23rd, my 11 year old had her 1st Middle School Choir concert.  It was her 3rd concert total.

On the 25th, we went to an all you can eat Pizza buffet by our house, which is a rare occurrence here.  My kids love it, and thanks to Groupon, we got a great deal!

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